Sleepless in Kings Norton.

See what I did there, Empire State because it's Sleepless in... Ah nevermind! :)
See what I did there, Empire State because it’s Sleepless in… Ah nevermind! 🙂

I can honestly say I do not find being a mom stressful. Ollie is no trouble at all, he makes everyday better and never causes me any inconvenience. I love being with him and he is my little friend. I feel like I’ve coped well with motherhood. I don’t mean to sound condescending to anyone but I don’t think it’s hard work I don’t ever get mad with Ollie. When people say it’s hard I wonder if they mean life is hard because I understand that. I would love to quit my job and stay home playing with trains and baking cakes all day. Luckily, the hours me and Dave work make being a working mom easy for me but I understand that working 9-5 must be a pain in the ass and it would be hard leaving a baby at nursery all day, having to choose between financial security and emotional security is a hard decision for new mothers. I cried when I went back to work but actually being a mom is the best thing I’ve ever done.  (I was 18 weeks pregnant in the New York pictures 🙂 See Lamby blog for more info!)

However… I hate putting Ollie in his own room! It’s the only aspect of motherhood so far that I don’t like! (Apart from the other mother judgement thing!) He has been ready for his own room for a few months. He was sleeping through the night from about 8 weeks. He has a good routine, he’s a happy little boy, everything’s fine! I just hate leaving him, he’s a little baby!

Towards the end of 2014 he really was getting too big for the baby cot in our room. I decided Ollie’s (well, mine really) New Years resolution can be to sleep in his own room. So, 1st January 2015 he slept in his own cot, in his own room. Yay! Guess where I slept?

... On the little pull out bed next to his cot!
… On the little pull out bed next to his cot!

He slept through, as expected and woke up at his normal time. The next couple of nights were ok because I had work so Dave would be awake til about 11-12ish then I’d get in about 3am to check on him so there’s only a few unattended hours! I did have a psycho moment where I logged into the baby monitor app and rang Dave at 1.30am telling him to get up because he’s crying. He stirred if I’m honest with myself.
Since the weekend I’ve been having broken sleep, getting up every few hours just to look at him. He’s absolutely fine. I’m a logical person and I know that the best thing for him is to get into a good routine and have a good sleep in his own room where I don’t have to worry about waking him up when we go to bed. I know that it starts now! If I leave him in our room too long, before I know it he’ll be 7 and it will be weird that he sleeps in my bed. Nobody wants a son with a Norman Bates Oedipus complex! I know I’m not doing anything wrong, he’s less than 5 metres away but it’s too far! It’s only a few days into the resolution, I’m making a lot of progress already. Ollie is perfect and looks so much more comfortable with space to spread his little arms out. I hate it!

He loves his room!
He loves his room!

When you’re pregnant and everyone says you don’t sleep when you’ve got a baby, I thought they meant because babies wake up in the night. No. Ollie is wonderful, it’s me that needs cuddles and toilet breaks every 2 hours!

  • Grandad Bob

    Yay Jo!

    Well done, sweetheart, I know it’s difficult for you (not for Ollie – he’s such a happy boy that he feels loved and protected all the time), but it sounds as though you’re doing just the right thing for both of you, as if anyone would be surprised…

    Each bit of independence he is able to have will be either a wrench or a change of lifestyle – crawling, walking, eating anything in reach, finding orifices to stuff things that shouldn’t go there, etc. – but each one is to be celebrated as a milestone for both of you. For Ollie, because he’s reached a new stage in his development, for you because you have been instrumental in giving him the confidence, love and nurture to achieve it.

    We’ve said it before and this won’t be the last time, you are fantastic parents

    Love you xxx

  • Pat Sangwell

    So pleased you have managed to put Ollie in his own bed. I knew you were having trouble deciding. It is a big step, but I hope you soon settle as he as, to get some sleep yourself. You give so much to Ollie and David that you need sleep to keep going. Take care of yourself, lots of love Pat xx

  • Such a sweet post, I find it hard when my kids sleep in their own beds, although boy magically find themselves in mine by morning usually and they are 2 and 5!!!