Steam Steriliser Review.


Avent Steam Steriliser

Tommee Tippee Steriliser

Nuby Electric Steriliser.

That’s right, I’ve got three sterilisers!  One microwave one at my Mom’s, microwave one at my house and an electric one at home.  I’m going to discuss pros and cons for sterilisers in general and pick a winner M (microwave) vs E (electric) for each point.



On the whole, sterilisers are cheap!  My Tommee Tippee one was £10 in the Asda baby event, Boots do an own brand for £12.50 and the Avent one usually retails around £26 so it’s not a massive amount.  Even electric ones aren’t that expensive, mine was £25 in the Boots baby event but even the expensive ones are around £50.  You can spend up to £150 on a starter set but that includes bottles, bottle brush and usually accessories such as bottle insulators or storage cups.

M vs E, the winner is… Microwave.  There’s no argument, microwave sterilisers are more budget friendly.   You can pick one up in the region of £10-£15, generally you’re looking at £30+ for electric but do check out the Baby Events to grab a great deal!  If you are partially breastfeeding and not using a steriliser everyday, save the money and get a microwave one!


With all three of my sterilisers I’ve found that they easily accommodate for all brands of bottles.  So if you buy a Tommee Tippee, you can put Nuby bottles in it, Avent bottles fit in the Nuby etc.  As a result they are all very simple and easy to use.  All of them are also good for sterilising teething toys, dummies, spoons etc.

M vs E, the winner is… Electric.  Although they are both very easy to use and load, I’m giving the points to my Nuby because it has a large dome that makes it just a bit more spacious!  I’m currently only using 9oz bottles, if I use the taller 11oz then they will fit much more comfortably in the big electric dome.


Sterilisers generally claim to kill 99.9% of bacteria.  Bottles do feel like they’ve been cleaned properly when they come out out a steriliser.  Generally, they remain sterile in the steriliser for 24 hours.  I’ve tried cold water sterilising with Milton tablets and I never feel like they’re as clean!  The smell of the tablets linger and it makes me feel like they’re contaminated, you don’t get that with a steriliser.

M vs E, the winner is… Electric.  I don’t know why but I feel like this one is just a little more efficient.  Maybe it’s because you leave it to run it’s cycle but with microwave the cycle depends on the wattage so you could get the cycle slightly wrong.  Especially if you were travelling or at a friends house using a different microwave.


Not very travel friendly!

Neither of them are easy for travelling.  You either need to carry an electric dome around or a big plastic tub! They take up a lot of room in a suitcase and present problems when you arrive at your destination.  If you take a microwave one you might have the problem that it doesn’t fit in the holiday home microwave!  We had this problem when we visited our in-laws!  We had to go out and buy Milton tablets.

Or if you stay in a B&B you’ll have to keep going down to ask to use their microwave.  If you stay in a chain hotel the microwaves are generally industrial standard so 5 minutes in there isn’t the same as 5 minutes in a domestic microwave! If you’re going abroad you don’t really want to fill your suitcase with a steriliser but if you take the electric one, remember to pack an adaptor!

The pro of travelling with a sterilisers, you can use it to store the bottles too so you don’t need to take a steriliser and a bag of bottles!

M vs E, the winner is… Microwave.  Neither of them are exactly convenient but I’m choosing microwave because Nuby do a nice little travel sized one that would fit in your hand luggage and any microwave!  Also, the Tommee Tippee one I’ve got doubles up as a cold water steriliser so you can also use it as a big bowl to sterilise as it’s a flip lid of the top.

If you’re having a British holiday (or staycation) throwing the electric one in the back of the car might be easier!

Safety hazard.

Beware that both of them get extremely hot!  It might sound obvious but don’t allow older children to help get the bottles out because they remain hot for quite some time after.  With the microwave one, it is advisable to leave it in there to cool down before getting it out.  Which can become a little inconvenient with a big family when you need a bottle or need to microwave something else!

M vs E, the winner is… Electric.  I think this is slightly safer because you can leave the whole thing in a corner of the kitchen worktop and forget about it until it’s cooled down!  Also, you can unload this one handed – Moms know how important it is to be able to do jobs with one hand!  The microwave ones tend to need two hands to remove and unload.

Value for Money.

I’ve had both of my microwave sterilisers since Ollie was born and they are just as good as the first day I used them.  They do not seem to be wearing out at all!  So even if they broke tomorrow they’ve cost me approximately £4.50 per month for 2 sterilisers!  If they last another year and through to my next baby, then I’ve certainly got my money’s worth!  With the electric one, I suppose they could last weeks or years!  Electric items are more likely to blow a fuse or burn out but we’ll see how it lasts!

With both electric and microwave, you can just leave them to run their cycle so it’s not a lot of effort.  You do have to wash the bottles first but all of the sterilisers fit 5- 6 bottles so you only really have to do a cycle once a day.  They are easy to use and much safer for the baby.


Momma Boss Rating.

The only reason sterilisers lose points from me is they’re not the most travel friendly accessory!  If you don’t travel much or breastfeed and only need occasional use then they’re perfect.  Overall I’m picking Electric as the winner!  simply because you can load and unload with one hand and a busy or working mom needs to be able to daily jobs with one hand!







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