Tappy Safety Toy Review.

I discovered this cool new bath time toy when I joined Twitter and started connecting with lots of baby related companies.  Tappy is an innovative design that covers the taps by using a toy! So babies or children can play happily in the bath and you don’t have to worry about them touching the hot tap or bumping their head. Ive been using it with my 8 month old baby. 


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Tappy was welcomed into the Bathtime Toy community by TB (temperature bear) and squirty friends.



Ollie is at the stage where he wants to grab everything and examine everything so this stops him grabbing the tap and gives him something safe and interesting to explore! It’s strong too, Ollie has a good grip but he can’t pull it off!
It’s design has a Velcro strap on the back so it can flex to fit a variety of tap shapes and sizes! It also means you can easily pack it away to take it on holiday or for sleepovers at grandparents.
tappy bath toy
This is fun Mommy!
It has a nice, happy and bright look to it so it gives a good focal point for bath time because it stands out.  If you have a baby like mine who loves crawling around the bath then it’s good to give them something to look at when you need to wash their hair or under the chin! Just make the little legs wiggle and he stares at it long enough to rinse his hair.
It’s a really good learning toy because the legs are numbered, ok my baby doesn’t count yet but give him a couple of years and it will be great for assisting with learning.  You can also pour water in its mouth so it’s fun for bath time games. I’ve also used Tappy as a hand puppet and Ollie finds it really funny.
tappy safety toy
Also works as a hilarious hand puppet!


It’s not exactly expensive, it retails at £11.95 which is fairly average really! Squirty bath time toys are generally around £6 and interactive toys can be up to £20 so it’s in the middle! The reason I’m listing it as a con is it would be nice to have a pair. Even though he won’t get burnt by the cold tap, he could still bump his head so a pair or at least the option for a pair would be good.  Maybe buy one get one half price or something, so if you have a mixer tap you dont have to buy two.
At the moment it’s only available in one colour.  It’s not a major problem but it would be nice to have blue and red for hot and cold tap or just a variety so older kids can pick their favourite colour.
tappy safety toy

Value for Money.

I think it’s good value simply because there is nothing else like it. Not that I’ve seen anyway! If you view it as a bath toy then it’s expensive but if you view it as a safety toy then it’s worth the money.
tappy safety toy
I really like Tappy!

Tappy is available in John Lewis in store and online, get yours here! Also available at JoJo Mama Bebe and NCT.

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