Ted – 9 months in, 9 months out!

Little rainbow Ted is 9 months old today so todays post is all about Ted! Teddy or Teddington as we call him, Ollie always calls him ‘Little Ted’ which is why I often write about him as Little Ted because of Ollie!

I was actually pregnant for exactly 9 months! He is a wedding baby, so 3rd April 2016 and then born on 3rd Jan 2017.  He was named Ted because of our HIMYM themed wedding and because of the special journey that led us to Ted.

So what can I say about Little Ted…

He is the happiest most content baby ever! He’s no trouble at all, he goes along with whatever is going on and never makes a fuss.

He is still breastfed but eats porridge for breakfast, a little snack for lunch usually a banana or yoghurt and he’s not too fussed with dinners at the minute, some days he’ll eat a lot other days he’s not bothered! His favourite food is definitely yoghurt, he gets so excited about yoghurt.

Apart from me (obviously) Ollie is his favourite person! His little face lights up when he sees Ollie, they really love each other and just laugh at each other for ages.  He also loves Dave, he’s got more of a mate relationship with Dave it’s cute! In the mornings he gets really excited when he sees Dave and shouts at him if he doesn’t pick him up.

I would say he is a little Momma’s boy! He cries if he can’t see me and as soon as I appear he gives me a massive smile. We have a Team Mommy and Team Daddy thing going on at the minute, if we go out I’m in charge of Ted and Dave is in charge of Ollie and at bedtime its a race to see who can get their team in bed first – haha! The prize is you get to go downstairs first and load the dishwasher.

Ted is a super strong little boy, he crawls in a weird little way. He’s cool because he Rocks n Rolls! Ollie crawled like a caterpillar, his bum lifted up and down shuffling along but I call Ted a feeble, he moves across the room in random patterns, rocking and rolling (and whatnot – I typed that in the voice of Danny from Grease, who is with me?)

He loves his baby walker and powers round the room annoying Ollie driving over his puzzles but it’s making him really strong, he can pull himself up to stand and is sturdy on his feet, not quite solo standing yet but not far off.

In terms of his development he is very similar to Ollie but a fraction behind in terms of time!  Ollie sat up at 5 months, Ted was about 5 and a half.  Ollie crawled at 7 months, Ted was coming up to 8 months.  Ollie stood by 9 months, Ted isn’t far off.  Ollie walked at 10.5 months so judging by this pattern I think we’ll have first steps by Christmas!

He is a wonderful happy little boy and everyday is happy with him! I’m so glad I went back on maternity leave.