Thank you Baby Ballet!

Ollie had his last baby ballet lesson of the year today.  He’s been going for a whole year now and he’s really good and he loves it!

We joined last September when I found out about the Danceathon, I wanted to take part in their fundraiser because it was supporting Tommys the miscarriage charity and it meant a lot for me and Ollie to take part and dance for Stevie.  

I thought that maybe we wouldn’t last long if Ollie didn’t like it, I wanted to do the Danceathon and then if he didn’t like it we would’ve left but he loved it!  I don’t want to be a psycho mom who forces their hobbies onto their kids but I love dancing and I go to ballet so I secretly hoped that he’d love it and keep going.

The tambourine is his favourite!

We made it a whole year!

This last term he has really been into it, he doesn’t even need me there anymore, I just sit there watching him whereas before I had to join in to encourage him to do it and not be shy.  Now he is off marching around the room, twirling and not bothered about me.

I’m hoping he can move up to the next class in September where he would go in on his own.  It would be good for his development and easier for me too because I could take Ted and walk round the shops with him while we wait for Ollie.  Dave has been good staying with Ted and going to work later on Thursday mornings.


He looks really cute in his little uniform, I’m hoping to get him wearing the shoes next term.  He HATES the shoes!

Baby Ballet is a lovely class for kids, they do classes for babies and younger children up to around 6-8.  Ollie is currently a Tiny which is the toddler class and there is also a Tots class that I’d like Ted to do!

Classes are nationwide but we go to the Kings Heath class with Miss Charlotte and she is brilliant with the little kids.  All the kids love her and Ollie always copies her, he won’t do anything I say in class!  There is a Walking Round the Garden little dance where he’s meant to  do the actions to my hand but he won’t do it, he has to copy the teacher!

I just wanted to write a little blog post to say thank you to Baby Ballet for looking after Ollie this year, especially Miss Charlotte and Miss Kate. And a special thank you to everyone involved in the Danceathon, the reason we got into Baby Ballet. So  it started off as a sad story but with Ollie loving it and little rainbow baby Ted born this year, it is a happy ending to our first year of Baby Ballet!

Ted had to come and watch today. A rainbow ring would be perfect for a little rainbow baby!