The Best Gift for a New Mom…

What is the best gift you can give to a friend or relative that has just had a baby? My younger sister has just had little baby Connor and when I’d just had Ollie my older sister gave me a really good present and I decided to pass it on!

When Ollie was a few weeks old my sister stayed at my house and… Let me go to bed!  She stayed up with him and I slept solid for hours.  I woke up and she was downstairs with him feeding him and looking after him.

It was so nice to just know that Ollie was with somebody that I trust and he was being taken care of.

So I decided to do the same thing, I invited my sister and Connor to my house and sent her to bed in my spare room (with the freshest hotel smelling bedsheets ever) and I looked after little Connor.  He was really chilled out.  He had a bottle just after 12 and then he was just awake looking at me and watching a documentary with me about Hollywood Musicals.  Then he slept so I slept and then he was awake and hungry at 5am so he had a bottle and then went back to sleep!

Ollie and Dave came down about 6am so I went back to sleep and then my sister didn’t get up until 9am! So she had 9 hours sleep… that’s a pretty good present right?

Ollie looks massive!
Ollie looks massive!

Then we all had a team nap in the afternoon…


Offering to babysit all night isn’t helpful because nobody wants to be separated from their baby so although part of them will be thinking, “SLEEP! Take the baby!” A bigger part will be thinking, “No way are you taking my baby!”

So inviting both of them round or going round to them is helpful because they are literally right there if you need them or if they feel weird leaving their baby but most likely they’ll just go to sleep knowing their baby is right there in the same house but with someone they trust.

I don’t feel sorry for new moms that don’t sleep, I think it’s just being a new mom.  It’s all part of the experience but I do also think having a little bit of help is really useful in the early days!

Sometimes having one decent nights sleep can just recharge you and make it easier to go a few more nights (or weeks) with little sleep!

So advice for new moms would be, don’t be scared to ask someone you trust to help you out whether its for a whole night or just an afternoon!  We all need sleep and everything becomes easier when you’re functioning and don’t feel drunk because you’re so tired!

You haven’t failed if you go to sleep.  In fact you’ll probably feel like you succeed a bit more the next day!

Sleepover buddy!
Sleepover buddy!