The Ollie English Dictionary.

Ollie is nearly 16 months now and he really communicates well, he has lots of little actions and understands words and phrases and responds to them.  If I say, “That’s not my train!” He’ll go and get his book.  If I say, “Where’s Dog?” He gets dog.  If I say, “Have you done wee-wee?” He goes to the door because he knows where we go to change.  He is a clever little boy.  I wanted to write down some of Ollie’s first proper words because in a few months time when he doesn’t shut-up for five minutes, I’ll forget these cute little words that he says all the time!


He’s been saying this one for a while. It does mean, gone. He says it when he has ran out of food or drink but he’s extra cute because he also says it if somebody leaves the room or if music stops or the TV goes off.  He puts both hands out too.  So cute!

Get Down!

I think he learnt this from my mom saying it to the dog!  He knows what it means though because he looks at me waiting for me to say it when he climbs on his toys.  He balances on his train and I say, “Get down!”  Then he says, “Ge dooww!” and points to the floor.



This does mean Thank You and he always whispers it for some reason!  He says it when we give him a toy or food but he also says it when he wants us to give him something.  He looks at it, (usually our phone) reaches and says, “Ta!”


Ollie was saying this when he was about 5 months old and he always said it first thing in the morning so I thought he was calling ‘Daaad!’ because Dave always did his first bottle.  I know a lot of people argue this is just one of the first sounds babies make but now it is definitely meant as Dad!  I know because if he throws something he says “Daaaa” and he’s trying to show Dave because Dave is always throwing bottles around (flair bartending) so Ollie knows he’ll get praise for a good throw!  He also says “Daaa?” in a questioning tone when he’s looking for him!


Another one he’s learnt form his Monday’s with my mom and Poppy!  He calls his favourite toy Copper, Dog! And also points to the cats and says Dog!  So anything with 4 legs and fluffy is a dog.  That’s pretty cute Ollie!


This is a mega cute sound he makes.  Ok, it’s not a word but it’s just really cute.  We think he might be saying Ollie since he hears his name about 300 times a day, (“Ollie, get down!”) Either way it’s just adorable.


I’m pleased to say he does also know me!  Again, I know people argue this is just an early sound but he says it when I leave the room and he tries to come after me so I think he definitely knows I’m Momma! He does use Momma and Daaa at the right times to be calling us.


He says this because of swimming.  He is really good at kicking his little legs and he kicks them and says ‘Kick!’ I’ve now developed the bath time kicks… He does an air kick!  I’m a bit of a twat about air kicks.  I believe every song has an air kick moment (think Bridget Jones ‘ All By Myself’) and I will air kick if I achieve something (like a high five type situation) so it’s no shocker that I’ve taught Ollie how to do it.  I always wanted to be Sporty Spice in my teenage years, it’s never quite left me.

Love You.

Believe it or not, I’m not actually happy about this one!  I always say to Ollie, “Love you!’ and I explain that even though he doesn’t know what I’m saying, when he does understand he’ll know what I mean.  He went to my moms the other night, she text me telling me Ollie had said, “Love you!” to her.  So basically he has been paying attention all this time and he looked at my mom and thought, “Oh now I know how mommy feels about me because I love my nanny!”  Thanks a lot Ollie!

He is also trying to say Jake, his older cousin.  He makes the same sound like ‘eehhkk’ when he sees him!  And he has a noise that means, get me a drink please it’s kinda, ‘eeuurrrr’.  It’s interesting because the drink noise actually hasn’t changed since he was born.  I could ramble on in a separate blog about the different cries but I’ll be quiet for now.

So that’s Ollie’s little vocabulary at this stage.  What were your babies first words?  Do you believe they just make noise or did they have clear words?

  • Tori Gabriel

    Awww, these are so cute! My eldest’s first word was “kitty”. There we were eagerly awaiting “Mum” or “Dad” and though we got the odd sound the first actual word where she knew what it meant was “kitty”. Nice to feel appreciated.

    She has recently started to say “out the way” as she hears us saying it to the cat who loves to sleep across the top step. We were in a shop the other day and the Toddler came out with “out the way, people, out way. MOVE!!” Not exactly polite but so funny.