The Worst Thing About Being a Mom.

For a while now I’ve been saying that the worst thing about being a mom is… Other mothers. I never asked you to look at me and compare lives! Leave me alone! 

If you hate me on Facebook, unfriend!

If you don’t like my blog, don’t read!

If you can’t stand my existence in general, don’t look!

I genuinely don’t care if everybody that hates me cuts me off. I cut people off when they let me down, it makes your life more positive. I used to have a popcorn person but I realised how miserable she made me and it’s not healthy. I don’t want a popcorn person and I don’t want to be anyone’s popcorn person.  Enjoying seeing somebody else ‘fail’ at life, in your opinion, doesn’t propel you to succeed.  It just makes you fail too.

what I mean by Popcorn Person. somebody that you only keep on Facebook to basically take the piss out of because you find their life hilarious.
What I mean by Popcorn Person. Somebody that you only keep on Facebook to basically take the piss out of because you find their life hilarious.

Mothers (or anyone else), if you hate me, my blog, opinions, whatever… Please delete/ unfriend/ unfollow now! I’m no good for your life if you just enjoy being nasty about someone.

Despite hating that fact about motherhood, it’s not the worst thing. It’s actually been revealed as a very insignificant thing about motherhood. “Oh how did she afford that pram?” Is not an issue in your life.

Other mothers are not an issue in your life.

Cut them off and ignore them because the only thing that matters is your baby.

My worst motherhood experience has been the past few days having a poorly Ollie. I’m not going to keep talking about miscarriage obviously that is the ultimate worst thing that can happen but I’m talking about being a mom to Ollie now!

Ollie has been so sad because he’s been really poorly. I hate it. I feel like crying. I hate that I can’t solve his problems. I need to rely on doctors and he’s been 3 times in the past week and got 3 types of medication.

I hate that he hates his medicine. He cries and I feel so guilty. I just want to cry and not give it to him. But then I’m not achieving anything am I! He’ll be poorly for longer and get worse.

I hate that he doesn’t trust me anymore. He turns his head when I give him his dummy or bottle, thinking what nasty stuff  is momma trying to put in my mouth now?

I know he’ll get over it once he’s finished all his medicine. He’ll just forget about it and trust me again but I feel so bad. Poor little Ollie.

He never cries and he’s just been crying, waking up in the night just crying! He started off with baby thrush in his mouth, then he had an infection in his toe and now he’s got an ear infection.

The absolute worst thing about being a mom… Not being able to take your baby’s problems away! If I asked my mom, she’d probably agree even now! It’s my job to look after him and yes I am looking after him but I can’t take it all away and he hates the stuff that will take it away and I’m the nasty person messing him about when he feels crap.

Sorry Ollie! Xx


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    Oh I so hope he feels better soon πŸ™ It’s so hard when they are ill. Its awful when you can see they think you are trying to do something horrible to them. How are you supposed to explain to a tiny child what you are trying to do! I feel your pain on this one but you’re right, he will eventually forget all about it and be back to his normal self again. Wishing him a speedy recovery πŸ™‚ #bestandworst

  • Run Jump Scrap!

    Oh bless him – it;s one thing after another and it is so hard not being able to do anything for them. They so don’t help themselves eh? Sure he will trust you again!! Get well Ollie! I love that popcorn person thing – just had to send it to a mate. Thanks for linking with #bestandworst and see you soon x