Things I say to you Ollie. 

Ollie, you are 9 and a half months now and you are a clever little baby. You understand so much about the world! You say Momma, Dadda and Nanna and you understand a few sayings like, “Have you done a wee-wee?” “Pooooo stinky feet!” “You coming?” “Cuddles!” And you like doing peek-a-boo and high five.

There are a few saying that I find myself saying to you that, by the time you start talking back to me, I probably won’t need to say them anymore.  So I thought I’d tell you some things I say a lot just for me to remember and for you to read about what you were like as a baby. 


  1. “If you’re tired, go to sleep!” I understand all of your cries now but the only one that frustrates me is your tired cry! I can’t go to sleep for you Ollie.  You cry and I say, “Ollie there’s a really simple solution!” Close your eyes Ollie, I can’t close them for you. 
  2. “Oh I’m a nasty Mommy aren’t I Ollie!” I say this to you because everytime I try to cut your toe nails, you act like I’m trying cut your foot off! I hope as you get older you see that it’s really not that bad.  You let me cut your fingernails now, that took a few months of trying to escape from me! 
  3. “You’re soooooo cute Ollie!” Ok I’m sure I’ll keep saying this for a few years but you really are so cute Ollie.  You are a lovely little baby, so perfect! I really really love you. 
  4. “I love your little feet!” I definitely won’t say this for years! You have got lovely little cute feet I kiss them all the time, when you’re a little boy playing in mud I won’t kiss them as much and when you’re a teenager I definitely won’t kiss them! Big feet are not cute! 
  5. “Where is love?” Well I don’t say this I sing it to you.  It’s a song from Oliver the musical. It’s our special song and always calms you down and helps you get to sleep. You also like it when I sing, “My Boy Ollie-pop!” In the tune of ‘My Boy Lollipop.’  It’s a song from the 1960’s, I really like old music! 

There you go Ollie, just a few things I say to you. Sometimes I want you to stay as a baby forever but I am looking forward to having a little toddler to talk to. Can I just have lots of Ollie’s of all different ages? 

Woah, my Ollie-pop!
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