Toddler Gadget Ban! 

I am possibly the most laid back person/ parent I know, the only person that might be more laid back than me is Dave! We are the most chilled out people and we really don’t stress much.

Our approach to life is very much go with the flow. We don’t care about how people perceive us or what we ‘should’ be doing based on society’s expectations.

So it makes sense that we didn’t stress about Ollie learning how to use an iPad and ‘screen time’. People need to bore off with their iPad lectures considering it’s an opinion based on your own childhood where the technology of today hadn’t been invented. So when stupid old people pass snidy remarks about how they parented without iPads, yes well done you did in fact raise children without the aid of Apple but only because it wasn’t a flipping option!

So it’s a non argument to go down the ‘back in my day’ route.
Ollie knows how to use an iPad, he sort of has his own phone (he uses our old one to watch Paw Patrol.)  He is 2 and a half years old.

I cannot be judged as a ‘bad mother’ about a child being able to use something that was purposely designed to be completely family friendly so that anyone can use it.
Times have changed, kids use gadgets now.


Ollie has been on gadget ban for a couple of weeks now. Phones and iPads are hidden away! He has CBeebies on TV first thing in the morning and In The Night Garden is the signal that bedtime routine is starting. But during the daytime between breakfast and bed, it’s gadget free zone!

During the day it is completely cut down! I have a few exceptions when he’s allowed to watch extra…

1. If we go out for food he can watch something while we’re waiting. I feel like running off and crying in some restaurants so I understand that he gets overwhelmed or bored and he can chill out with Chase for a while. (Or any other boring waiting situation like hospital waiting rooms etc.)

2.  Sometimes when he needs to calm down and have an afternoon nap! Sometimes he resists his nap but then he gets moody so watching something just forces him to sit down and relax then he’ll be asleep within 1 episode of something!

3. 5am. All parenting morals go out the window when he’s wide awake ready to get up at 5am. Watch Paw Patrol and let us sleep for at least another hour! Nobody should be getting up BM (before Milkshake – 6am).
We had let the gadget use get out of control. In our defence we both work full time jobs and sometimes we all just wanna crash out and be lazy but we had got to the point where Ollie just wanted to fall asleep to TV! He’d be knackered but looking for a Netflix-Fix and it wasn’t good for any of us!
If we let him watch he’d just go overtired and be up all night.
He was moody and fragile in the daytimes because he hadn’t had enough sleep and so I decided a gadget ban was needed.
I expected a few days of hiding gadgets and having tantrums but literally day one… fell asleep with a book! Stayed asleep.

Then he got ill so we had a few off routine days but we’re back on track and this week he’s been falling asleep cuddling books, in his own bed by 8pm!

During the daytimes it’s much better too! He does activities now and reads books.
And I am back to watching Neighbours and Home and Away! Woohoo! I didn’t say I need a gadget ban haha.

Ollie has a whole play corner where he does imaginative play, messy play, sensory play and all sorts of fun. He’s happy playing on his own or sometimes asks us to join in! He likes piggy back rides and dancing.

This is what he’s been up to lately…

Painting, baking, waterplay and puzzles!

I’m not saying he’s never done these activities before but now this is all he does in the daytimes! He can do as many activities as he likes but no gadgets!

He loves “sciss and guuue” aka cutting and sticking! Scissors and glue!

And he’s loving his latest sensory activity from his grandparents, rice!

I think it is easy as parents to just give them an iPad for five minutes chill out which is what a lot of moms will say. The problem is 5 mins becomes 10 mins then 30 mins. Then it becomes expected and I know I’m not the only parent who has let gadget time get out of control!

There will be some Pinterest moms who find this outrageous but with full time jobs and changes in routines that make bedtimes or meal times change, it’s easy to get stuck in the iPad rut! Life isn’t perfect and things can get out of control sometimes but now I’m taking control! #MommaBossinIt

I’m up to date with Neighbours after missing it for months and I plan to keep it that way… haha!