Trips to A&E

Ted is really sleepy today because he’s been sick and had loads of medicine so I’m going to write about his trips to A&E and why we keep coming back.

We left hospital on 22nd February and we have to come back at least once a week as an outpatient for various reasons; check ups, blood tests, new NG tube, lumbar punctures, chemo. If everything goes well we should only ever be in half a day at a time then go home. So we’ve been to clinic a lot since we were discharged.

But the A&E trips are when’s he gets a temperature.

Sunday 10th March.

Not bothered…

Exactly two months after Ted was first admitted, he was absolutely fine and seemed well so we were going to go to my moms. As we were getting ready I checked his temp and he was 37.4 in one ear and 38 in the other. They tell us that anything over 38 and we need to get antibiotics. So I brought Ted to A&E. As soon as we arrived… no temp. And didn’t spike again. Blood tests come back ok so we were allowed home on the Tuesday afternoon.

I had a drama with the doctors again because they tell us he has to have antibiotics within an hour of temp so after an hour in A&E a doctor comes in and just cannot get a cannula in him, 3 attempts and nothing. So he’s going to put cream on and come back and try again. So I said it’s either urgent and he needs the drugs so crack on or if it’s not urgent we’re going home. The nurse completely agreed with me and in the end she got his line working and got the drugs in.


Friday 15th March.

Ready for surgery.

We were due to come in for new line surgery so he was NBM from 3am he finally went for surgery around 5pm so he actually could’ve had breakfast. During the surgery his heart rate was really high and doctors thought he was dehydrated which made sense with NBM. So wanted to keep him overnight for observation and fluid drip.

About 11pm he spiked 38.4 so we had to stay on antibiotics again. Can you believe it more drama. He had one dose at 11pm and was due another one 5am and 11am etc. By morning he’d had nothing by 1pm still nothing so now two doses behind. Normally doctors bullshit me but when they came round I explained and he said, “You’re absolutely right he should’ve had 3 by now.” I didn’t know what to say as I’ve become accustomed to being fobbed off. Again, I said either it’s urgent and this is just incompetent staff or it’s  not urgent and we will go home. He only had that one temp and nothing more so I did just think it was a waste of time. Nothing back from bloods again so went home on the Sunday night.


Thursday 21st March.

Shall we just move into hospital?

Ted was home and seemed tired and irritable around 5pm so I thought I’ll just do his bath and he can go to bed. He was quite happy tucked up in bed so I thought I’ll just check his temp… 38+ in both ears. Right let’s not overreact he was stressed because I just changed his plaster so I thought I did give it 15 minutes and test again.

6.15pm still 38+ so I had to bring him in.

We got to A&E just after 7pm and had bloods taken and antibiotics prescribed again. Doctors felt he was dehydrated again too which made sense because he’s really gone off food and drink since he stopped the steroids.

We were moved to the ward and this time I think we do need to be here. It’s now Sunday 24th March and he’s having a blood transfusion and antibiotics. Blood cultures haven’t come back yet but he’s had temp spikes a lot, pretty much all day yesterday he was 38+ and he’s been sick a few times so we’re hoping the blood helps bring his heart rate down and settle his temp or something show some in blood to give him better antibiotics.


  • Lisa

    You are a brilliant and brave Mom! And that is all.