Weird Crushes…

This is actually one of the #Blogtober post themes, the only one that I’ve actually joined in with so far!

Most people know my crushes and think they’re weird.  Obviously I don’t think I’m weird but I’m going to call them weird for the benefit of everybody else.

My first weird crush is one from my 80s nightclub days where I used to overplay and request Wet Wet Wet because I had a crush on

Marti Pellow

What a beautiful man he is, especially back in the day, this was my favourite…

Usually I don’t like men with long hair but I let him off for his 90s period of long hair, he’s still fit haha!  OMG have you heard him sing It’s Now or Never by Elvis? Woah! That is seriously good.  The video isn’t on YouTube anymore so I can’t share.  Have you noticed how I’m writing this post in the style of a teenager?  I’m experiencing Revertigo.

I’d like to tell you that I only had a crush on cute 80s Marti Pellow but that would be a lie because in recent years I have followed him around on his musical theatre appearances and seen him in The Witches of Eastwick and Jekyll and Hyde. I used to work right next to the Hippodrome as well, I tried several times to host a VIP after party for the cast. I would LOVE him to come back as Billy Flynn in Chicago, it’s one of my favourite musicals and at one point he held the record for the longest ‘thheeeeeeeeee’ in We Both Reached for the Gun, not sure if he still holds the record.  I’m sure my Father in Law would know this kind of trivia, Bob?

And before anyone starts, yes I know he had drug problems. Nobody is perfect leave him alone.

My next crush, I wouldn’t consider this weird, he is one of the biggest stars in the world but apparently this is weird.

Tom Cruise.

C’mon! Fit as!

I love him.  I think I’ve seen pretty much every film of his apart from the recent ones, need to catch up.  I even like him in Legend.

This is the closest I’ll get to meeting him…

This is one crush that I am actually allowed to have because if my hubby was a movie character he is absolutely Tom Cruise, well Brian Flanagan.

Dave can do that routine, we have got a video of him doing it somewhere.  If we ever open our own bar it will be an 80s flair bar, maybe then I can meet Tom Cruise – surely he’d come to the opening…

My final weird crush that I’m going to share is one from my teenage years.  He’s still fit but I don’t have my wall plastered with posters of him anymore.

JC Chasez.

Of NSync fame.  I was such an NSync nause in my teenage years.  My lifelong dream was to see them perform live a Madison Square Garden, not gonna lie I’d still be well up for this…

I still know the dance routines to It’s Gonna Be Me and It Makes Me Ill, probably a few more if I play the old tunes the moves would come flooding back to me. The choreography is so good, I used to love watching all the behind the scenes shows on MTV, I recorded them all on VHS. In fact, Cancun is one place that I’ve always wanted to go, near the top of my travel bucket list. It’s because NSync spent Spring Break there in an MTV special, ever since then I HAVE to go! They also did a special from Caesars Palace in Vegas but I’ve been there now so I can tick that off.

I’m not that weird am I?