Why Do Babies Love Phones and Keys?

I know I’m not the only parent with a baby that walks around like a little Yuppie, with a massive phone in their hand.  Ok, the iPhone 6 isn’t that big but scaled next to a baby he looks like he should be working for Maggie Thatcher, especially when he had his little suit on!  (Any excuse to get an 80s reference into my blogs!)


Ollie loves my phone or Dave’s phone not our old phones, only our current phones.  He knows.  This was the reaction on got for taking my phone off him.  I’m sorry Ollie but I do need it sometimes.


He also loves keys. He is clever with keys, he always points them at the door or car so he knows what to do.  I have tried the baby keys and he’s not bothered, he only wants real keys.  After months of trying to trick him with spare keys, old phones and baby versions of each, I think I’ve figured out why he loves them and it’s really simple when you think about it!  (and months of late mornings looking for phone or keys and finding them behind the cushions, in the toy box or ball pit!)

You can have these stupid fake keys back Momma!
I have spent his entire life basically teaching him to copy me!  I spent the first 6 weeks pretending to be asleep at night time so he’d look at me and get the hint that it’s sleepy time.  It did work, he sleeps very well! Then I spent a good few months teaching him to eat like me, “YAY!” if he copied me and used a spoon.  Walking, talking, drinking from a cup, potty isn’t far away.  I’ve spent his whole life giving him this message… Copy us! We know what we’re doing with this being a functioning human thing!

So he is just doing what we do!  We never leave the house without our phone and keys so he sees us holding them a lot.  If we do one trip he will see me use the keys eight times!  In and out of the house and in and out of the car.  That’s quite a lot of usage compared to any other item that you use regularly!  I don’t use a cup/ glass that many times in a day. My nephew calls me a stupid iPhone person and although I don’t think I use my phone that much, I do use it more than I use the remote and Ollie knows what to do with the remote so it’s no surprise he knows what to do with my phone.

After seeing him throw bottles around over the past few weeks, he is definitely copying us.  So it’s actually really interesting and makes you realise you’ve got to be really careful because he will copy.  It has also made me think, I really don’t want to be a stupid iPhone person!  I don’t want Ollie to grow up thinking I’m obsessed with gadgets.  I don’t mind being a stupid key person, security is important Ollie!  Gadgets aren’t important.  I definitely need to start dancing around more, we can’t have him flipping bottles before he can pirouette!

You really can’t get mad with a baby for hogging your phone or crying if it prised out of their hand if you also (almost) cry if it prised out of your hand! On one side, yes phones are part of being ‘normal’ these days so it’s not really a big deal but it does make you wonder how we portray ourselves to our kids. I’d be interested to hear if older moms outside the iPhone generation or non gadget moms have the same problem. I don’t think babies are born with an instinct to use a phone so it’s definitely us setting the example.

Just to clarify, we don’t throw bottles at each other or anything, his dad is a flair bartender so he practises at home and Ollie has recently started joining in!