Why Momma Boss?

Ever since I was 18 I have worked in bars, when I was 21 I was Assistant Manager and by the time I was 23 I had my own bar! My management style has always been unconventional as I have always treated my staff like they are my babies. I have a maternal management style and as a result I have been nicknamed Auntie Jo, Momma Jo and my favourite, Momma Boss. Thank you La Sophia!

When I met my partner he was surprised that my dream lifestyle is to be a housewife and have 4 babies! He imagined me aspiring to be CEO by 30. That would be great but nothing is more fulfilling than looking after my babies or my actual baby! I’d be ultimate Momma Boss with 600 children if I ever became CEO! When I announced my pregnancy a few people were surprised because they thought of me as a career woman. I have been a career woman and now I’m a working mom, a.k.a Momma Boss!

My blog started as a private pregnancy diary to keep my family up to date but after my dramatic birth story I made it public in hope that I might be able to advise people going through similar situations or people that share my frustrations as a mother.

If you don’t like or agree with me that’s cool, diversity makes the world more interesting. Please don’t leave any insulting comments because I will either ignore them or write a blog psycho analysing to make you realise you’re rude! I do like a good debate and discussion so please leave positive comments, even if you don’t agree – tell me why your experiences have led you down a different line of thought! I love hearing mommy stories.

Follow me on my journey from Bump to Baby and Beyond…