Prince for a Day?

I have just watched one of my fave bloggers Sparkles and Stretchmarks on ITV news following a post she put out yesterday regarding her 3 year old son.  Read the full story here but to sum up, her little boy loves Elsa and she tried to book him a Princess for a Day package but was refused by Disneyland Paris because he’s a boy!

This has sparked uproar amongst mothers all agreeing with Hayley that it is completely ridiculous to refuse an innocent 3 year old a package that he would really enjoy simply because he’s a boy!

I’m a fan of Hayley’s blog and actually went through a stage of re-tweeting half of her posts and thought ok I should calm down now because I’m gonna look like a stalker.  I like her because she’s real, she’s not an insta bullshit staged blogger, I genuinely believe everything she writes.


Anyway, as an over thinker this has got me thinking and I commented on her insta post.

Disneyland Paris, why don’t you just do a Prince for a Day package as well as Princess?

I like to think of myself as a logical person and the only rationale I can see behind Disney’s decision is that a Princess is a female.  By definition, a Princess is a female royal no amount of gender equality, gender neutral or gay pride or whatever will change the definition of the word. It is a female character but why can’t there be a Prince for a day offering?

Why do little girls want to be Princesses?

  • To be pampered
  • To dress up as their favourite characters
  • To feel like they’re extra special
  • To find a nice person to marry
  • To have a nice castle to live in

Why can’t little boys want all of those things?

Surely we should teach our boys that they should aspire to be loved, pampered, special, live somewhere nice with a nice partner.  (Talking animals would be cool too!)

So Disney, theres a solution for you.  Offer Prince for a Day as well.  But… when the children all children, choose what outfit they want to wear or who they want to look like, they can all choose from

  • Elsa
  • Belle
  • Cinderella
  • Prince Charming
  • Prince Phillip
  • Eric

What the hell is the big deal about that?

If a little girl wants to be a Prince so what?  If a boy wants to be a Princess so what?

It is an experience where all children will feel loved and special and raise their self esteem by helping them align with their favourite, strong and empowering characters.


And please Disney, could you also do an adult Villian for a Day package because I would love to be Maleficent of the Queen of Hearts for the day.  The sad fact of this world is once you grow out of the innocence of wanting to be a Princess, you realise how corrupt the world is and start to sympathise with the villains and tell your inner child that these are much more realistic characters to align yourself with!