50 Happy Things.

Thank you Awesome Austerity for my nomination! I love doing things like this. It reminds you of all the positive things in life but also it’s a good way to get to know other people.

Here’s my 50 things that make me smile in no particular order… 

1. My little Ollie! I could write 50 things I love about him but I’ll leave him at number 1 and just say everything about my little boy is perfect! 

2. The Dubai smell. My partners fragrance custom made in Dubai.

3. Maddie – my 18 year old MGF.

4. Listening to my vinyls.

5. Old music in any other format 50s- 80s I don’t like up to date stuff. 

6. Going to ballet class.

7. Going to the theatre.

8. Gene Kelly! 

9. Watching anything with Tom Cruise in. 

10. Being lazy binging on TV series.

11. Creamy cocktails. White Russian, mudslide, orgasms!

12. Being really silly with my sisters! “Here we are at NYC where we’re concerned about how hot the room is!” We complained about the heating being on in our hotel… It was minus 15 degrees outside… 

13. Writing. 

14. Over analysing everything. 

15. Magic tricks. 

16. Running on the beach. (Like a child, just running aimlessly – not serious fitness!) 

17. The sound of the sea.

18. Playing scrabble. 

19. Shoes! 

20. Catching up with my old school friends.

21. Back to the Future.

22. Vintage clothes.

23. Having a bath.

24. Just being at home!

25. Talking to my nephew Jake.

26. Watching my nephew Tom jumping and climbing… He loves it! 

27. Rollercoasters – especially the old woodie ones. 

28. Making photo albums… Not on Facebook or fotobox but real albums with printed photos! 

29. Not having to make the bed on holiday.

30. Travelling. I want to go everywhere. 

31. Lectures from my dad.

32. Last minute spontaneous day trips.

33. Staff nights out with my second family. 

34. Stupid conversations with my old work friend Sophia. Gnomes DO go on holiday! 

35. How much I’m like my mom! 

36. Wearing my pyjamas all day.

37. Adventures with my nephews. 

38. Shopping when it’s really quiet… Like late night or midweek.

39. Baby animals. All baby animals are adorable! 

40. Baby feet! How are they so cute but adult feet are vile ‽ 

41. Watching 80s Aussie soaps.

42. You’ll notice a reoccurring retro theme… I love the 80s! 

43. My childhood dolls, yeh I’ve still got them.

44. Chatting to my partner in the car on a long journey.

45. Blackpool. 

46. YouTube Videos where dogs get rescued! 

47. Looking at old photos or home videos. Especially of my in laws and their family. (Angel Chicago! Haha)

48. Sunbathing. 

49. Good service in a bar! It’s rare! 

50. Ollie’s smile! Sorry, had to come back to Ollie, he’s the best! 


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  • I love chatting to my husband on car journeys too – he can’t get away from me there!!

    Great list – it really lifts my spirits reading other people’s happy things 🙂

    • It’s interesting how much we have in common with fellow bloggers too! We must all be a certain type of person! I’ve found most bloggers to be very optimist happy people. Writing helps to make sense of things. 🙂