A Rant About Pushchair Straps…

I really don’t like slagging other parents off  and I’m the first to say there’s always a bigger picture. However, I’m failing to see the bigger picture for a snapshot scenario I keep seeing. I know I always say you shouldn’t judge a snapshot of somebody’s parenting either so please can somebody enlighten me and tell me when it is ever acceptable to put a child in a pushchair and just not bother to put the straps on?

It takes 30 seconds. 30 seconds to keep them safe really isn’t a waste of time is it? 

Just because you’re only popping round the corner it doesn’t mean they’re safe! It’s like saying, “Well I’m only driving five minutes down the road so I’ll just chuck them on the back seat and not bother with strapping them in!” Or do people do that as well? 

I’ve seen a toddler with his legs trapped under the pushchair because the mother is unaware that he has toddler bummed out and slid down so she’s carried on pushing. One where a little girl was leaning so far forward she was seconds away from smashing her face on the floor. Even if it’s a little baby that can’t move, if you bump down a big kerb they could easily bounce out! 

If there is a time this is ever acceptable please tell me because I don’t like being nasty. But please back up your reasoning by also telling me when it’s acceptable to not strap them into a car because in terms of safety, they’re the same thing in my eyes! 


30 seconds well spent!

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  • Kizzy, Izzy & Baby

    I agree! The kids without straps are never usually sat nicely either they are always leaning dangerously forward! I always feel uneasy that they are just going to topple out in front of me, especially if I’m driving.

  • Laura Powell-Corbett

    If s a funny one because before my toddler was nearly 3 I’d agree with you. But now. I generally strap him in but on occasion don’t (like today at the airport walking to the gate) he likes to climb in and out when we are doing a stop start kind of journey and shouts me if he moves.

  • I’ve only used the waist strap with my oldest son for at least the past year. He always sits nicely, I’ve never once had a situation where I’ve had to consider using the shoulder straps. I’ve got a Nuna Pepp Luxx and the waist straps are separate from the shoulder straps. If the shoulder straps are done up he has to sit back into the chair, without he can sit up straight, which I much prefer.

    If I put my baby in the pushchair, then, sure, I use the shoulder and waist straps. But I’d imagine in not too much time he’ll be waist only too.

  • Amy Marshall

    I always put the straps on but my little man some how manages to wriggle his arms out the shoulder ones in the pushchair? How I don’t know how lol.

    • MommaBoss

      Lol! Ollie hates the straps sometimes but I’d rather a tantrum than a smashed face! xx