Advice to First Time Mom – Me!

I signed up to take part in the #VicksBabyRub blogging challenge and its taken me a while to come up with this post because it’s really hard, in the world of motherhood, to have an opinion without offending anybody. Vicks Baby rub features mild fragrances of rosemary, lavender and aloe vera and can be used at any time of the day as part of your baby routine.

The challenge is what would you tell your first time parent self by the time your second baby come along. I like to think I’m full of wisdom and I love any excuse for a Back to the Future reference so it seemed like my sort of thing. 

So I’ve finally settled on this idea…


Dear 2014 me,

You’re about to become a mom, #SpoilerAlert – it will be more dramatic than you could have ever anticipated but you’ll love it and it will be the easiest most natural thing you’ve ever done.

I know I’m time travelling so I’ll hop into the Delorean after this and swing by the 80’s, wouldn’t want to disappoint me.

I could tell you hundreds of things about motherhood, how it will humble you, how it will both destroy your career whilst simultaneously given you the courage to follow your career dreams, you will love having boys even though you imagined having 3 girls, be careful what you wish for… I could go on.

I’m just going to tell you this simple thing… you only need you to be a good mom.

Yes your mom, hubby, sisters, family and friends all play a valuable role in your life and your boys’ life but what you need to know before 10th July (yeh he’s gonna be late btw) is you just need you to be a good mom.

I’ll break it down and make it as easy as A,B,C.


You don’t need advice. Trust your instincts and don’t take no for an answer, if you think your kids need help go on at the doctors (you are going to go psycho on one doctor in particular).  You mom and hubby are going to be the most reliable people in your life but you don’t even need their advice, you will just occasionally ask the to confirm what you already know.  You trust you the most and nobody, literally there is NOBODY who will ever know your kids like you do so trust it.

Breast IS best.

Shock, shock horror! Yes I said it.  Remember I’m only writing this to you me from me so don’t get offended.  You’re not going to get involved in #Brelfies and YummyMummy groups because that’s not your style, attachment parenting is your style. It IS best.  Don’t listen to anyone else excuses.

Read some more here if you want but basically your body is all your baby needs.  You have the power to change their diet according to illness, help them relax, sleep, teething… all done with the power of the boob.

It isn’t easier to use formula (in your opinion) and it doesn’t help anyone bond to allow someone else to feed, all you need to know is this… the best way for your child to secure bonds with family and friends is to first be securely attached to the mother!  It’s that simple.  Sorry everyone else, but it’s all about me.  The mother is the single most important person/ thing/ factor in a baby’s life just accept it.


So in a few months time when you have a newborn, you’re going to get sucked into this thing called, ‘colic’.  You’ll think your baby has colic because somebody will tell you they have colic.  You won’t actually know this for sure.  Basically, colic is a word people use for, ‘I have no idea why my baby is crying.’ They’ll wrap it up with wind or reflux but if your baby has reflux, that already has a name.  Wind is cured by having a burp or fart.  Colic aka I have no idea.

When you have your second little boy, your midwife will share some wise words with you which will mean your second boy NEVER has colic in his life.  Just by using words – cured! Are you ready?

The cure for colic is cuddles.

If you have no idea why your baby is crying the single best thing you can do to reduce their stress is to be there. Cuddles. Skin to skin even better. See, all you need is you!

They don’t need hi-tech bouncy chairs, special projectors, snuggle blankets, etc etc.  the only thing in this whole world that a baby wants and needs is it’s mother.

So there you go, you’re a mom – you already have everything you need.

Oh and don’t let them take Ollie home from the hospital – keep him with you and feed him.  It will help both of you feel better! Yeh sorry, but you’re going to nearly die.  Obviously you’re fine because you’re writing this but just a heads up.  Ok I’ll give you some more info than that...

You have got everything you need attached to your body! Brain for thinking, gut for instinct, boobs for food and loads more, arms for cuddles.  You’re fine… go!

Love from

2018 you.

This post is an entry for BritMums #VicksBabyRub Challenge, sponsored by Vicks BabyRub. Specially designed for babies aged 6 months and over, Vicks BabyRub is available in Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Asda, Waitrose and all good pharmacy chains. RRP £3.99.