An Ollie in Paris! 

Ollie has been having lots of fun in Disneyland, he really likes Lotso from Toy Story 3! More on Disney in the next few blogs. Today we went to actual Paris. 

To get there we had to go on a double decker train. It took about 45 mins to get from Disney to the centre of Paris. When we arrived Ollie was… Asleep! Transport makes him sleep!

So he missed the first stop, Arc de Triomphe. It’s massive! I wish I liked my French teacher when I was in school, I’d love to speak fluently. I recognise a lot of words but I can’t put a sentence together!

We walked around some pretty Parisian streets, they look just like they do in the films. The we got to…

The Eiffel Tower! I told Ollie he had to give me a kiss because it’s that kinda cute lovey dovey place.

Then I created my own mini Sex and the City tour. The hotel where Carrie stayed and Dior where she fell over.

We had lunch at a little restaurant on Avenue Des Champs Elysees, where all the shops are. Dave found good coffee!  This never happens and I didn’t even take a picture of it.

I was being cliche and taking photos of baguettes and trying on a beret. What a twatbag tourist.

I had to go and buy a new coat because I packed the night before we left and we both worked the morning we left so I wasn’t exactly organised!

Ollie didn’t have much chance to run around in Paris so I thought it’s probably getting a bit boring for him so we bought a cake for him and went back to Disneyland… Ollie slept on the way back!

Oh and I was complaining about the London tube… Paris metro is even less pushchair friendly.

We did the escalator trick but the ticket barriers don’t have a pushchair gate at every exit! So we had to go back down and find a lift. Even if Ollie was awake it would’ve been awkward trying to get through with a folded pram because it’s a turnstile barrier not just the little automatic gates like London!

Then we had a funny moment where I nearly tried to use a toilet as a lift! I went through the pram gate and straight opposite and next to the escalator there was a big silver door with a wheelchair sign on it. It was a logical conclusion but no, it was a toilet!

Ollie is writing a diary about his adventures.


Stay tuned to see what I get up to next…