Another Ollie-day!

We had a little midweek break just before Ollie’s birthday just so he could have some quiet time before the madness of the first birthday weekender!

We went to North Wales and Ollie had lots of fun! I wanted to do things that Ollie would like. It rained for the first two days so we had to do indoor activities. So we went to the SeaQuarium. Ollie loved looking at the fishes in the water but he kept trying to splash or get in! Not here Ollie! In the afternoon we went swimming so he could splash! 


Ollie’s little souvenir! I loved seals when I was a kid.
We went to the indoor play area and Ollie really loved the big tree house and we all liked the ball pool! He also loves the little kiddie rides. 


When the weather was nicer Ollie liked the slide and the sandpit and cried when we took him out so it was a good job I’d bought him one for his birthday! 

Ollie doesn’t like sleeping in strange places. Everytime we go away he only settles if he sleeps with me. It’s cute really, he knows it’s different but he knows me so he will calm down if he has a cuddle. I just worry because he’s so active now I can imagine him jumping out the bed in the night! 


Taking over Daddy’s side!
He also learnt ‘smile’ if we say smile to him he does a massive grin but he is cheeky and won’t do it if we get the camera! 

I managed to secretly catch this…

As always, he was a really good little boy and had lots of fun! Our next adventure is Skegness for my best friends wedding and then Disneyland Paris! Ollie has an exciting life.