Are Mommy Blogs Drivel?

Every now and then something will surface about some troll or crap forum where moms are slagging each other off, the latest one doing the rounds is some mumsnet forum where a bunch of moms are slagging off bloggers saying they have too much time on their hands and it’s all a bunch of drivel.


I’ve been spouting crap for almost 4 years now so I think I can firmly be described as a mommy blogger, I’m not a pro or even very popular but I am a mom and a blogger and I have a pretty good understanding on soical media for business after years of running pubs.


And I’m here to say, that I actually agree with the forum trolls.

We do write drivel and we have got far too much time on our hands.


Hear me out bloggers, don’t click away yet.  Trolls, stay tuned…


Drivel means nonsense, nonsense literally means, no sense.


Generally speaking you have to be mildly intelligent to write a blog.  You need to be able to construct a sentence and understand basic code and so somebody who isn’t particularly intelligent would not be able to maintain a blog, that is a fair assumption to make.  Of all the bloggers I follow, they tend to be pros.  Not necessarily pro bloggers but professional in their field.

Like I mentioned, my profession is pub manager and I’m also a business grad so although blogging might not be my business, I understand the business of blogging.  Other bloggers that I follow are NHS professionals, marketing or media backgrounds, teachers to name a few.  In general they are fairly intelligent people who have educated themselves on some level.


With that in mind, if you read their blogs they may very well be drivel because they will in fact make no sense to you if you are not intelligent enough to understand an opposing point of view or an insight into a life that isn’t yours.


So calling a blog drivel isn’t necessarily an insult, it simply means you don’t get it so if anything you’re only insulting your own intelligence.

I often read blog posts that I’m not particularly interested in or don’t relate to, it doesn’t mean it’s a bunch of self indulgent crap, it just means it doesn’t apply to me so guess what I do… click away and move on! Easy way to cope.


As for too much time on our hands… is this actually meant to be an insult?


If somebody perceives me to have too much spare time I’ll take that as a massive compliment.  since having Ollie, I worked full time from when he was 2 months old to 20 months old.  Had two miscarriages in that time.  Then I was made redundant and had 3 months off, got pregnant and straight back into full time work and have recently left (story for another day.)


So actually if I can find time to chill and de-stress myself by writing I take that as firmly having my shit together.  That is a compliment ladies.  A toddler, baby and full time job whilst still finding time to spout drivel – what a fucking badass momma!  And I still tidy up, clean my house, go shopping, see my family and friends and go on adventures around that.

In fact, there have been periods where I stopped blogging because guess what, didn’t have my shit together.  When Ollie stopped eating and sleeping well when I changed jobs, recently I’ve had some drama so I haven’t had my shit together enough to find some downtime to spout shite.  That upsets me.  I like having my life organised and in some sort of routine.


Bloggers might often come across as bragging or insta bullshit, yes in some cases it is staged and fake but judging by the bloggers that I follow I perceive them as having their shit together.  Especially the likes of Hayley from Sparkles and Stretchmarks who runs a blog as a full time job and has three boys under 5!  Whether she thinks so or not, she has her shit together.  Or Sarah form Run, Jump, Scrap who has two little girls and works out several times a week to be a badass mom with a six pack, again that is shit together! Or Laura at Life with Baby Kicks, she has gone from hobby blogger to pro blogger whilst travelling many times abroad. on planes. with two young boys.  Most moms can’t cope with one summer holiday, so again – shit together!

insert insta bullshit pixabay pic


They might read this and think they should be humble about it and say oh no I work til 2am or something like that, nah – be proud!  You’ve got time on your hands to have a life and raise your kids, if some jealous muppets perceive that as “too much time” then fine, I’ll take too much time.


Over my 3 years of motherhood I’ve ranged from being at home all day to working nights, working 24/7, split shifts, travelling around the country for training and relief shifts, crossing paths with Dave as we hand over the kids.  If at any point during that madness some troll wants to tell me I have “too much time”, thank you! I will take that compliment and secretly like the fact that you secretly admire me!


I and many other mommy bloggers have got our shit together! I’m not going to pretend to be a scummy mommy who can’t cope because I bloody well can.  Drivel and proud over here at MommaBoss!



  • Mrs H

    I love this so much. Such a great response. And you’re right I only really blog when I have my shit together. So yay for being a mummy blogger. And yay to having our shit together. We are bad ass! Hugs Lucy xxxx

  • Jacquelene W (Mummy J)

    Such a fantastic response x love this post.

  • Emma Day (Crazy with Twins)

    Brilliant blog post. Taking some compliments from that myself. I’ve been blogging for over 5 years. In those 5 years, I’ve given birth to twins and a singleton, fought and won against cancer, won two awards, been on more holidays than I can count, started a second blog (which I’ve now had for two years), I’m a carer, I’ve survived domestic abuse and a life threatening pregnancy complication where my organs failed, I’ve got divorced and remarried and organised numerous parties. I’m raising four children and I also work. I don’t have free time because I fill every second. But if someone wants to think I have free time because I blog, that’s up to them. I personally would like a bit more free time, so I could blog more often!

    I bloody love this blog post. You are brilliant. Thanks for bigging up us mummas! X

  • Mamma B

    Yesss mamma!!!