Baby Names and Nicknames.

Ollie has just gone to bed wearing his Lamby sleep suit. It just about still fits him and I was thinking he’ll always be little Lamby!

All of his family and friends know why he is Lamby but I thought I’d just write about it for anyone that doesn’t know us!

I have two sisters and we call ourselves the herd. I think we stole it from Ice Age actually, “Always stick to the herd!” When we were kids we did act like a herd. We’d move as one group not three individuals. We always stuck together when we were in strange places so it’s a little joke but also serious because we still metaphorically stick to the herd. Sisters before misters! 

So when we were in New York and I was 18 weeks pregnant we nicknamed my baby Lamby because he was the smallest member of the herd. We didn’t know it was Ollie then! 

So it just stuck as his nickname and his nursery had a Lamby theme! He has a lamb blanket, mobile and tie backs. A little green rug that looks like grass and lots of lamb toys. 

He had a lot of Lamby clothes too!

His real name Oliver was after Oliver Queen, the Arrow. Yes we named him after a TV character! We were addicted to Arrow when I was pregnant (we still are! Countdown to season 4!) and I’d always liked the name so we decided to call him Oliver. 

We even dressed him up as the Arrow for Comicon and Stephen Amell (the real Oliver) shared it and Ollie’s little costume got over 60,000 likes! 


So, that’s our little story. Why did you pick your baby’s name and do they have any nicknames?