Baby’s First Christmas.

This Christmas has been better than ever because I’ve had my lovely little Oliver sharing it with us! I’ve always loved Christmas but I love it even more now that I’m a mom and it’s going to be even more fun as he gets older.

10862509_10205334726950326_89051341699127751_oI always go to my moms for Christmas but this year was extra special because my dad turned his shed into a log cabin so that we could all fit in for Christmas. I’ve got two sisters and their partners and my older sister has two boys so we had 8 adults, 2 kids, 1 baby! Most people dig out the pasting table and emergency chairs… Not my mom and dad! My dad has just finished building his shed but not yet turned it into a workshop so him and my mom turned it into a log cabin for Christmas! He hand made a new table big enough for 11 and built a sleigh. We had a little grotto corner and a fireplace! It was really special. I feel like as Ollie gets older he’ll think Grandad knows Santa when he hears about Santas workshop, like he’ll have this faded memory of Grandads workshop and Santa being there but he won’t know why!

Next year it will be pasting table and emergency chairs as it will become a workshop soon!


Ollie loved opening his presents and playing with his toys. He had 19 presents at home in the morning, (thank you everyone that bought for him) and then I lost count how many he had from my mom and sisters!  I’ve seen a lot of negativity about presents, a few Scrooge status updates implying its shallow to splash out and a few people moaning about the Katie Price news about not buying presents for her baby.  I agree babies are too young to understand and wouldn’t care if they had no presents and will grow out of everything very fast.  However, I like Ollie to be involved! I see presents as something you give out to people you love and I don’t mind splashing out when I can.  I think it’s selfless to spend your money on your family, not shallow or greedy.  I have no objection to people showing Ollie they love him by buying presents! He does really like his toys anyway.  He loves playing, I’ve been getting some big smiles for the silly noises and flashing lights on his new toys.  I got him a train he can ride on and even though he’s only six months… He loves it! He laughs and smiles every time we play.
He was such a good boy all day, he is no trouble at all! I was hoping he’d be ready for a little mashed up Christmas dinner but he’s not quite ready yet! So we had a great day at my parents on Christmas Day then on Boxing Day we went to Clacton to visit Ollies other grandparents! He was a very good boy and liked looking at the Disney Christmas tree! I feel like Bob will end up getting nicknamed Grandad Disney because Ollie will love looking at all the Disney things and learning about Disney history!

We also had a nice family Christmas Eve in our lovely home. It’s mine and Dave’s first Christmas living together, it’s our fourth Christmas knowing each other but this is our settled year! I could write some blogs on how we got here but I’ll save that for another time. I made Christmas dinner just for us on Christmas Eve and we listened to Christmas songs and wrapped some presents together! Oh and I had my annual cry watching The Snowman and The Snowman and the Snowdog.

Christmas has got us thinking about what we’re going to tell Ollie about Santa. We’re not religious so we encourage critical thinking so I think we will tell him the traditional Santa stories but encourage him to ask questions and think logically. To be honest, Arthur Christmas makes me believe in Santa, it’s a very logical explanation and very funny film! So we’ll watch that and see what he thinks!
I want him to think about what presents his family would like for Christmas too rather than just MY list and I WANT I WANT! To me Christmas is about family and I see it as a cultural thing (before anyone says hold on, if you’re not religious you can’t celebrate Christmas!) so I want Ollie to think of Christmas as time to spend lots of time with his family and presents are for people he loves and I don’t mind the whole, “if you’ve been good you get presents” concept. It’s a basic behaviour pattern for humans and animals! If you do good things you get rewarded. It’s used in schools, workplace, dog training, home! I think it’s a good thing. I often tell my nephews one present gets taken away if they’re naughty so they might end up with nothing!10869576_10205334707109830_76020098839772806_o

Anyway, this could end up inspiring debate and I started out just chatting about Ollie’s first Christmas so I’ll end now. We had a great first Christmas. Thanks to all my family and friends! Happy New Year!