Back to Hospital…

Ted is asleep again so back to his story.

So the last blog post was up to the Friday last week.  We were told to wait for a bed. I was started to get really annoyed because there was a list for beds and despite the seriousness of Ted we just had to wait and he couldn’t eat in case he could be fitted in for MRI.

I did think ok now I see why we were rushed out the week before, there is a list for beds!

The nurse said we could go for a walk and she’d ring me. So we went into town and got some things for our hospital stay.

Not long after I was called back and we went to the ward. We didn’t end up going for MRI it kept getting bumped down the list and if I’m being honest I cant remember when he ended up going for MRI but in between that time the haematology doctor came to see me and basically said they suspect leukaemia.

I was on my own and they took me to this little room and the ticking of the clock was just so loud. It was like everything was in slo-mo and I just couldn’t believe it.  The reassured me that 90% of kids make a full recovery but you can’t help think of the 10% and be shit scared of every possibility.


He did end up going for the MRI either Saturday or Sunday, it was definitely weekend. It’s a bit of a blur. And my Dr House came to see me and said that the MRI looks like leukaemia. She was very annoyed that Ted was sent home and said that it is common for leukaemia to present as orthopaedic but if pain persists they suspect leukaemia. So I was right, he should’ve walked out of hospital I feel it was ‘just’ septic arthritis in the knee.


She he was not happy and said she is reporting it but also did say that it actually wouldn’t have made much difference to the diagnosis because he would’ve still had blood tests and MRI to diagnose but wouldn’t have been emergency so would’ve been similar time frame.


We were told Ted would have biopsy on Monday, again fuming because we had to starve him and he didn’t go. He was moved to the cancer ward on Monday afternoon and top of the list Tuesday morning.  In all fairness he was first.

We all knew what it was by this point, every doctor agreed but they needed this official test.

Confirmed ALL Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia and treatment started straight away.

Its now Thursday and it’s been a bit up and down. He is suffering, he is in pain and hates being messed about with medicine and dressings but he’s doing well. He’s a good little patient.

Day 14 is a crucial day as it will basically tell us if it’s working. His blood was 100% leukaemia and they hope to see 25% by day 14 so we’re just being so optimistic that it is going to work.

It has to work little Ted.

Keep dancing.