Billy Elliot!

I had my first scan today, little baby has been dancing around a lot lately so I’ve been saying he’s Billy Elliot or Darcey Bussell, he’s a Billy Elliot! It’s a boy! I expected to have a girl because I’m like my mom but it’s a boy. I still want a girl and everyone knows how much I want a girl but I really love my little boy and he’ll be a cool big brother! He’s gonna have fun with his big cousins too, I think Jake will find him funny. He loves watching videos of toddler Tom and says he wants to keep Tom now but have toddler Tom too so I think he’ll like having a little toddler around!

He’ll be a little geek he’ll like superheroes and magic tricks!
It’s nice knowing what it is so I can start buying stuff, I already bought some girl things because I was convinced I’m just like my mom but they can just wait until there’s a little sister. Now I can start buying little blue things! I’ve already got a t-shirt with a lamb on from New York and some unisex NY stuff!
Everything is developing normally and is the right size and blood flowing nicely. And perfect little heartbeat, you can see it moving on the screen. The doctor said he has no concerns about me, my next hospital appointment will be 28 weeks. I was right with my dates, I’m 19 weeks 2 days.

When I went in for the scan she said my bladder wasn’t full so baby wasn’t in a good position to get pictures, I was desperate for the toilet! I don’t think it could’ve been any more full. Then he moved around and it was ok, I didn’t have to get a drink! We got two good pictures. The one where you can’t see the spine is him lying on his side facing the front. The round bit in the middle is his little belly and his knees are bent up and you can see the little eyes and pointy little chin.

The second one, he rolled over and she said do you want this as a picture and his little head nodded like, yeh mommy I look good from this side! So the one with the spine is what he picked to be printed. He’s facing downwards so his spine is along the top then you can see the little nose pointing down.

So that’s my little baby! Due on 28th June 2014.

I’ll keep writing blogs with pictures of my belly growing and any thoughts and feelings I have. My sisters will hate me… I’ve lost weight! I was 70kg for my firstappointment, now I’m 69.3kg. Not a massive difference but still! Sorry girls!

image image

  • Yes I have finally figured out how to log on, don’t think I’ll be teaching lamby much if I can’t complete a simple task like this!

    • houdinisassistant

      Child you’re teaching him how to play piano and why dogs aren’t scary!

      • I definitely don’t want lamby to be scared of dogs so yes I will teach them all the fun things about dogs and of course the importance of music! Xx

  • My little Jo is having a little boy. Thank you for letting me be there . To see my little grandson move about and hear that every thing is perfect just made me so happy. What a little wriggler he is. I can’t wait to cuddle you, love you little one. Jo how can a fully formed baby be in that tiny bump, guess you will always be my little

  • granpat

    Thank you Jo for putting this up so we can share the moment with you. We are very excited to see the scans. I only said to bob this morning that you would soon be feeling the baby move, it’s a wonderful feeling. We can’t wait to give you both a great big hug, and David as well! Can’t wait to cuddle our new grandson too.

    • Congratulations! We’re so excited and grateful to be able to follow your blog. Despite your shyness we took to you immediately we met you, and it’s obvious you will be a wonderful mother (having read your blog so far you already are!) xxx

  • I can’t wait to cuddle my nephew!! The boys can’t wait to take him to Thomas land one day! They will share their old toys if baby likes things they used to like. The 3 boys will be best friends xxxxxx ❤️❤️❤️

  • l love that the grandparents have screen names related to Lamby!! Can we still call him Lamby when he’s born? I’m so excited! He’s going to be so creative with the talents in his real family and his fake auntie Louise teaching him Irish Dance and me teaching him drama!! He’ll be slip jigging and quoting Shakespeare by age 2!

    • I’d just like to point out that we are more creative than just inventing appropriate screen names – honest! I’m happy for you to deal with the Shakespeare bit of drama – never did get into him, but I’m happy to direct it if you like x
      PS Granpat’s pretty crafty too.

  • I’m going to have a brother!! I decided you are not allowed to upgrade me to sister rather than aunty! I’m your fake reflex baby and now you have a real one!!! And I got to take him to his first ballet! Luckily his to young to understand what was going on on that stage because I didn’t understand till the end either! But it was still beautiful and I think he shares our love of the music momma boss! Xxxx