Black Friday as a Mom.

If you knew me before I had Ollie you’d know how much I loved shopping! I have worked in Birmingham City Centre for 14 years so it’s always been very easy to access all the sales and walk to work via Debenhams (I swear it’s quicker!)

So when I found out I was pregnant I didn’t stop shopping I just started buying baby stuff instead.

I used to say I’ll never stop buying shoes I’ll just start buying little ones instead. 

Today it’s Black Friday, the last payday before Christmas which means… Things! Sales! Stuff! Shopping! However, as all these emails for various bargains are coming through I’m finding myself just deleting shoes, dresses, bags, coats and just keeping Vertbaudet, Mothercare etc. I like buying little things now.

I basically wear pyjamas all day and don’t really go out anywhere that warrants a new outfit. Ollie on the other hand, grows everyday which means we always need new stuff!

I love shopping for Ollie! The other day I bought him three new sets of pyjamas, a Christmas jumper and some really cool Paw Patrol trousers (ok if they had them in my size I might indulge). I can’t work out if I love buying clothes for Ollie because it appeals to my inner child and takes me back to playing with dolls or if I liked dressing dolls because it appealed to my desire to be a mom! Maybe it’s a bit of both.

I think the shopping shift is probably the biggest change in me since becoming a mom! I like to think that I haven’t changed massively. I’m still me! But the mom version buys lots of little clothes instead.

I like nice brands for Ollie too. Not too over the top but I do like designers at Debenhams. Pre-motherhood: what’s the point in buying expensive clothes they just grow out of them. Primark all the way. Pregnant: OMG it’s adorable and only £30 for one item, I’ll have it…

When people say oh the baby doesn’t know, my response is, yes but I know. And I want him to have nice stuff while he can. If I quit my job anytime soon we’ll be in Primark!

What’s the biggest change in you since becoming a mom?


Some of my baby sale bargains!