Blog Greatest Hits.

I’ve been blogging for a long time but it’s been 6 months since I started making an effort to share my blog. I created a Facebook page in January and joined Twitter in March so I thought I’d take a look at my ‘Greatest Hits’. All I mean is, go into my stats and look at my most popular posts over the past six months.

If you want to make blogging into a career stats do matter! Simply because if it is your career then it is a business and numbers always matter in business. Momma Boss isn’t a business blog but it is good practice for a business blog that I’m creating.

If you’re blogging for fun then it really doesn’t matter about stats. However, your Greatest Hits will tell you what engages your readers and inspire writing ideas.

Momma Boss TOTP.
Momma Boss TOTP.
So here are my Greatest Hits.


You Know You’re a Mom When…

My first month! That post got twice as many views as anything else. This fits in the Mommy humour category.


Nine Stupid Things People Say to New Moms.

Again Mommy humour. A good indication of what works on my site. This was also published on HuffPo and Her Interests later in the year. Funny works!

When Do Babies Crawl?

An SEO friendly title. Cute story for my family and friends, informative and nosy material for others.


Why Do I Write a Blog?

Again informative and nosy. Interesting for people to nose at my life and an insight to why I blog and informative for bloggers.

Would You Let Your Son go to Ballet?

This is also an SEO friendly title. Written for people to ask Google but also clickbait title because it doesn’t indicate which way I feel. It could be criticising or praising ballet, you don’t know unless you click so there is potential for debate. 



Informative. This was a post to help bloggers work together and get positive experiences out of blogging.

First Ollie-Day Abroad.

This got a lot of views purely for the nosy element. We all love to be nosy! Babies, holidays, weddings, houses… Guarantee people want to nose. Try it! I could psycho analyse the crap out of why we nose at these things but I’ll save that for another post.


Attachment Parenting.

This shows you the power of trolls. For most people this was an informative post. Talking about why I’m an attachment parent. However, one person pounced on my BF views and attempted to debate (argue/troll) with me and shared the post on various facebook groups. Thanks!

MADS 2015.

Again informative and creating a positive blogging atmosphere. Informing people that didn’t know about the MADS and informing certain bloggers that I’d nominated them.

One Year Later… 

I’m picking a third one for this month because I’m not sure attachment parenting was genuinely popular or just trolled over. This one shows you… Nosy works! It was before/ after photos of my house one year after moving in.


Getting Your Blog Published.

Informative. Again, creating positivity in the blogging world. I could psycho analyse this too but to sum up, as a blogger you are potentially going to gain something from reading this. There is also a nosy element of “oh where are you published?” Even if you’re not interested in getting published yourself.

Why I’m not Concerned about Screen time. 

This was a good debate topic. Screen time and technology is often in the news so it was relevant and the title indicates potential to debate with me. There was also a Mommy humour element in reminiscing about VHS tapes.

So what do my Greatest Hits tell me? What do my readers want?


By informing my readers I am either updating them on Ollie’s life, great for family and friends. Or I’m providing advice, usually on something they’ve searched for. I sometimes feel like ‘who am I’ to write this. I’m no expert! I think it’s called Imposter Syndrome. You’ve got to remember people choose to read your blog. This indicates that they’ve either searched for something and you’ve shown up based on their search terms or the title has invited them to read aka they’re interested in the topic! So informative blogs work really well.


I think that sounds like a negative word but I don’t mean it to be negative. We are nosy! Women especially. If you drive past an accident you slow down to nose. If someone leaves their front door open most people are dying to look in! If a randomer from school posts a wedding album I bet you click through every photo thinking hmmm my dress was better! It’s part of our human nature!

I guarantee if you’re a blogger that I follow I have read you’d holiday posts because holidays are my nosy thing! Some people are more into houses or weddings, I’m all about the hols!

So writing posts that allow people to nose into your home or personal life = popular!


Everybody loves a debate. Some people prefer a healthy debate, others like to troll and insult your life. Whichever one it is, you’ll get good traffic! I originally tried to block my trolls then I realised… I must be a good writer if I spark this much emotion from a complete stranger that hates my life but they’ve never met me. Most Harry Potter fans don’t know JK Rowling but they get emotional over her work.  Emotional reactions to your writing is a good thing! It’s a sign of a well written piece. (Or a sign of their insecurities if you’ve just hit a nerve!)

I personally don’t want to be controversial but if people take my life that way, I’m not too bothered.

Mommy Humour.

Being able to make a joke out of things makes your readers happy! My funny posts could easily be rewritten to be FML I hate my life posts and negative people would love it but making light of a situation is much better for people to read. Everyone loves a laugh!

If you find that negative/ moaning posts are very popular, you might want to get some new friends! Good friends do not fuel negativity!

So that’s just my breakdown of my Greatest Hits. What do your Greatest Hits tell you about your readers? 

"Woah that was a long post Momma... I'm tired now!" (Cute tiny Ollie!)
“Woah that was a long post Momma… I’m tired now!”
(Cute tiny Ollie!)
Adventures of a Novice Mum
  • What an interesting way of looking at blogging – I think I should do a post like this too to see what is my most favoured content. I reckon for me it is mostly posts about blogging, posts about children’s fashion and toddler outfits and my recent renovation project feature seems to be quite popular. It would be good to know for definite though to target my posts a bit more – now I just write whatever I fancy and think would be interesting to readers #blogbloggingblogger