A couple of days ago I posted an idea called #BlogFriends in a Facebook blog group.  I thought it might be a good idea to explain it and why I thought of it so that anyone that sees the hashtag can easily join in.

For anybody that doesn’t know me, I’ve worked in bars since 2004 and have been a manager since 2007.  This is briefly explained on my welcome page.  One of the (many) things that makes me different to other managers is that I don’t see anyone as a rival or competition.  I see them as opportunities and potential to grow.  If a new bar opens I don’t think, “They’re going to steal my customers!”  I think, “Great!  Bringing more people into the area!”

If a new bar opens I would try and cross-promote, this is something I do with our local theatre.  Show your ticket for free entry, for example.  Instead of moaning it will be quiet because there is a show on.

I would love to be a full time blogger one day but I didn’t make it as a MommaBoss overnight so I won’t be MommaBoss of blogging overnight either.  It takes a lot of work and smart thinking.  I am currently writing a blog called ‘How to Be a Momma Boss.’  As I have noticed so many similarities between running a bar and running a blog.  I currently don’t blog as a job but if you do, you’ve got to think of a blog as a business and for that reason, I don’t have any blog rivals or competition.  If somebody’s blog is ‘better’ or has more followers or has won awards, that’s great.  That doesn’t make me bad by default.

However, we can work together to raise our own profiles and each others.  If somebody shares my blog it means somebody is going to click through their page/ Twitter or blog to reach my post.  So we’ve both had traffic.  That’s good.

If somebody writes a similar argument or counter-argument, instead of becoming rivals, we should say “My thoughts are backed up here by X blog attach link”  There we go… traffic to both blogs!  And it makes us more informative as we are either giving more information or providing a balanced argument.

If you formula feed and find a good breastfeeding post, instead of getting defensive add a link and say, “These are my beliefs based on my lifestyle MommaBoss argues a great counter argument here!” Then we’re providing better information for our readers and driving more traffic to both blogs.  The thing with blogs is, most people will be looking for the information.  So they want to be informed well.  Most mommy blog readers are moms or dads.

So I created this #BlogFriends idea.  You know how there are all these things on Facebook ‘my five fave photos, you’ve been tagged so add your five and nominate more people’.  etc.  It’s that sort of thing.  If you find a good post share it using the #BlogFriends and if you’re tagged you have to share one of your favourite blogs and so on…

Nobody wants to spam their blog everywhere but we do all want to build our sites so let’s share the work and build each other! Working against people does not work.  It’s the same principle for suppliers too.  I’ve had some really co-operative companies work with me on my review section and I’ve also received some shocking customer service.  As if I’m just trying to get freebies.  No.  I’m trying to build my site and in turn build your business.  Some people just aren’t business minded at all.  Being selfish is not the way to succeed.

I’m 29 years old and I’ve got nine years left on my mortgage and if anyway wants to know one of my secrets I’ll share this one, “Always be nice!” Nobody wants to work for/ with a C***! One of my writing ambitions is to write a memoir about how I’ve survived as a young female manager, where I’ll publish all my secrets.

You are the secret to your success.

Be nice!  Share blogs and work together.  #BlogFriends




  • I think it is a brilliant idea and have already joined you. It means we get to read other blogs and find new people as well. Thank you x

  • I love your attitude and ideas. I’m still feeling new to the whole business mallarkey, I find this post really inspiring. It makes me feel less alone in a big, competitive world πŸ™‚

  • Great post, I agree it certainly pays more to be nice and work together! Other bloggers make up a large part of our audience and it’s nice to be part of a blogging community.

  • Also I wanted to share this post but I can’t see any share buttons… is that just because I’m looking at it on my phone?

    • Hi,

      I don’t think I’ve got share buttons… I’ll see if I can add them! πŸ™‚

  • Hi, I just wanted to say what a lovely idea this is! I’m only just starting out with this blogging malarky and it’s so nice to feel that I have support!
    You sound like a lovely person too!

    • Thank you! πŸ™‚ it’s so much better to support each other! Sometimes it makes you feel bad clicking on twitter profiles and seeing 10,000 followers but we’re all the same really! Just people sharing our lives so why not share each other’s!