Britax Affinity Review.


Britax Affinity Pram

This is a great travel system pushchair by Britax, one of the leading brands for pushchairs and car seats. It is available online and in leading stores, I bought mine in Mothercare but it is available in Babies R Us and Kiddicare.

This pushchair won the Gold award for Best Pushchair at the 2014 Mother and Baby awards. It has received excellent reviews so I thought I’d share my thoughts on it as a mother of a seven month old baby.

The first time I saw this pushchair was on an advert while I was waiting for my scan.

It looked so easy to use it is available in a variety of colours, I decided from that video that this was the pushchair I wanted so a few months later I bought one. If you buy the basic pushchair it comes with a base with shopping basket, seat unit, rain cover and infant insert.


It really is easy to use!

It folds down in seconds and really easy to change the seat options. It comes with a seat anyway when you buy the base. It doesn’t come with a colour pack which includes the hood but I see this as a good thing as you could have a pink pack for a girl and change it to blue if your next baby is a boy. Or if you bought a second hand one or passed yours onto a friend, they can buy a pack and personalise the pushchair to suit them!

I went for the Chilli Pepper option (red) because it’s my favourite colour and it will be suitable if my next baby is a girl.

Suitable from birth to toddler!
It comes with an Infant insert which is a little pad that just raises the seat up so the straps aren’t loose and gives extra padding around the side.

The newborn insert pad.
The newborn insert pad.

The seat unit lies flat or it can sit up. When Ollie was 3 months I had to take the insert out because he was too big! Then I attached a cover to the bottom half of the pram which is also included in the colour pack so it gives extra warmth and security. It’s also quite sturdy so you can rest light things on there like a coat or small bag without the padding pushing down onto baby.

When he is a bit older I can switch the seat unit to forward facing and have an upright pushchair. There is a little window on the hood so you can still see you baby when its forward facing.

Optional Extras!
You can purchase a few extras for this pushchair. There is a matching changing bag which costs around £40, I have this and it’s good because it has a changing mat attached to it but it zips off so you can wash it. It’s great for travelling or when you’re out and about and can’t always find good changing facilities.

There is a cosytoes add on for the seat unit which cost £48-£60 (Varies according to the colour.). This is basically a little sleeping bag for when it’s cold. Ollie looks really cosy in it and it’s great because the zip is only down the front so when his little socks fall off we don’t lose them on the street!

Cosy toes keeping Ollie warm on Blackpool seafront!
Cosy toes keeping Ollie warm on Blackpool seafront!

There are also a few compatible car seats, they vary in price because they’re often on offer in sales or free if you buy the pushchair, mine was free but the price at the time was £74.99. It’s really easy to clip into the base and really easy to strap into the car.

The extras that I decided not to purchase were:

ISOfix base. I didn’t feel this was a necessary purchase and I was concerned that when he goes to the next seat size, I’ve just got a useless base unless I find one that fits that base which could end up costing a lot more than necessary.

CarryCot. To be honest, I really wanted one but I didn’t think I’d get much use out of it. If your newborn is spending a lot of time out and about then I’d say it’s a good investment because they lie completely flat and can sleep really well. Or if you visit a lot it would double up as a cot while you’re at friends or relatives houses. If like me you’re just popping out shopping for an hour here and there then the seat base is perfect!

It’s Lightweight!
Considering this is a good size pushchair when it’s opened out, it’s really light! I can easily lift it into the boot and my partner has carried the whole pram with Ollie inside up a flight of stairs when there was no lift! It feels really light when you’re pushing it around too.

The wheels at the front swivel so it’s really easy to move around. They can also be locked. The shopping basket is really big and the pram is still easy to push around when you fill it up!


The wheels at the back are wider.
It’s not a big deal once you’re used to it but at first you might misjudge a few gaps such as narrow shop aisles! You think you can get through and then get stuck in the back wheels. However, for an extra £65 you can get All Terrain wheels that will make the front the same width as the back.

It is on the expensive side.
If you buy all of the parts you’ll be spending around £800. Which isn’t a lot these days compared to some other models but it’s not essential when you can buy pushchairs suitable from birth for £50!

Not the best for public transport.

I have been on the bus and the train with this and it is easy to get on and off and fits in the pushchairs section. However, the reason I’m listing this as a con is because in Birmingham there is this stupid rule that only 2 open prams are allowed on the bus. So I often end up having to let 3 or 4 buses pass before there is a space. Although it is light and easy to fold, I couldn’t do it one handed so it’s not possible to fold it and get on a bus if you’re on your own. It’s great for getting in and out of the car!

Value for money.
The base and seat section cost £390 and is available in black, white or silver and the colour packs are around £60 and available in six colours. (Red, Black, Brown, Green, Blue, Berry – pinky/purple) The carrycot is £110-£130. (Depending on the colour.) It’s great as a travel system as its really easy to switch from seat base to car seat. Compared to some of the other models, I think this is a good price for what you get.

The only travel systems I’ve seen fairly cheap are the Mothercare Xpedior This is £250 and is very similar to the Affinity with the colour packs available. Mamas and papas do a budget version for around £300 too.  The top price bands are closer to £1000! Like this, Jane Trider .  So it’s a fairly average price for a travel system. I’ve said this before in my blogs, I don’t think babies NEED a fancy pram, it is an accessory for the mother. I admit I wanted a nice pram but Ollie wouldn’t know the difference if he was in a budget £50 pram, it does the same job. As long as he’s cosy and warm, he’s happy! I love this pram and all the accessories so I saved for it. There is the option for finance in mothercare and mamas and papas so you can spread the cost of a nice pram!

It was the featured pram in Boots so you can see the carrycot and seat version!
It was the featured pram in Boots so you can see the carrycot and seat version!

MommaBoss Rating.

It’s a mid range price for what you get and it is a great pushchair. It is a really good, nice looking pushchair and very practical and so easy to use. Ollie always looks really comfy and sleeps well in it.


  • Orestis’ Dad and Mom

    Using the infant pad our 1 month old baby cannot fit in. The straps are really short and we cannot safely keep our baby in. Any advise?


    • MommaBoss

      Which hole are the straps coming through? There are two slots on the pad and the main seat, check around the back of the seat to see if they’re stuck somehow! I used the infant pad for 3 months and then shortened the straps when I took it out! There are adjusters on the side straps too not just the shoulder ones so that might help too.