If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed that almost every picture I post of Ollie and Ted together is accompanied by the hashtag – #BrosBeforeHoes  as with most things with me, it has several meanings so as it’s 8.30pm and both my boys are tucked up in bed, I thought I’d write about it.

Ted was named after Ted Mosby as we love HIMYM and had a long story leading to our little ONE.  I wrote about it when I was pregnant here. Our wedding was also HIMYM themed because we took nine series to finally settle down (and various other reasons – there is a wedding section if you’re interested in reading more!)

If you’ve seen HIMYM you’ll know that Bros Before Hoes is one of Barney’s catchphrases and I love the meaning behind it and it gives me inspiration to raise my boys.  There is a whole book in the series called The Bro Code (I actually bought a copy for Dave!) and it is basically a little bible of rules on how you should treat your mates it’s things like

  • A bro cannot date another bro’s ex.
  • A bro must alert a bro of a girl fight.
  • The Hot/Crazy scale.
  • No leaving a bro hanging.

Basically it’s all about being good wingmen to each other and not letting girls get in the way of a friendship and as silly as some of the rules are, I love the meaning behind it and I will raise my boys to live by The Bro Code and put their bro before hoes.  My sister also has two boys and was not happy with me trying to explain that by hoes I mean girls, all girls aren’t hoes – yes I know it’s just a saying but actually if she’s willing to hop from bro to bro…

Bro’s aren’t limited to blood bros either, their cousins are their bros and when they have little mates they will be bros to but Ollie and Ted will always be number one bro to each other, number one wingman!

Little cousin-bro Connor!


My mission as a mom is to make sure Ollie and Ted are best friends and always have each others backs no matter what and if they stay friends for life I’ll die one happy Momma!  My ultimate dream is for them to be best men at each others weddings.

This is a continuation of #SistersBeforeMisters my mom raised me and my two sisters to be best friends and look after each other.  We’re now 29, 31 and 33 and still best mates and have so many ridiculous inside jokes and our own language that we’ll probably pass on to the little bro bundle of cousins! My moms worst nightmare is an Eastenders style showdown where we all end up hating each other.  I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Nothing makes me happier than hearing Ollie’s little sayings for Ted, “See you in a minute Ted.” when Ted gets out the bath.  “Heeewoah Ted.” in the mornings.  “Here you go Ted.” or “Your turn Ted.” when Ted is allowed to get involved in the games.  Just too cute and they’re best mates already.  My mission is to keep them this way!

They find each other so funny in the bath!

They really love each other, they are constantly smiling and laughing when they see each other and it’s so special.