Bully bullying?

Anyone that knows me or reads my blogs will know I’m not a big fan of social media and mostly use it for blogging but have even slowed down on blogging lately because we went on holiday and it was Ollie’s birthday so I wasn’t obsessing over blogging. 

I recently wrote about Insult by Default as one of my big frustrations with social media. I’ve written a few posts in response to the hideous trolls that claim to hate me but stalk my blog.

I’ve often been confused by the mob mentality created by social media. People would not react in certain ways if they weren’t fuelled by other people! “It’s always people!” As my good friend would say.

If I posted a blog that was a bit of a debate, if the first comment was positive it would fuel more positivity yet if the first is negative, more negativity entails. Why can’t people just be in charge of the own opinions? Instead of following an unknown crowd. 

Dare I bring her up, Katie Hopkins is a wonderful example. She will make a statement and if the first person says, “Good point I agree!” More people agree but when the first person says, “Ugly tramp you deserve to die!” Everyone joins in and starts insulting her. What really frustrates me and the reason I’m not bothered by her at all is, why do people think it’s ok to insult an insult? If she’s so awful do you not realise how much worse you are for stooping to that level?

Death threats and violent language because she hates scummy yummy mummies? Well you’re just backing up her point! You’re submitting to her perception of full time mummies just sitting at home trolling online while your kids are in breakfast club.

It’s not okay to be vile just because somebody is vile. Would you teach your kids to punch someone back or bully somebody if they bully them? It’s just hypocritical. Shouldn’t we be dealing with our emotions in a more mature way? 

There’s been a video going around of a girl bullying two girls in Birmingham. I agree it is horrific, she was awful to those girls and deserves to be punished and learn a lesson. What is it teaching anybody when adults turn up at her house and vandalise the family home, hurling abusive language at her, starting Facebook hate groups? 

Is that how we deal with bullies now? By bullying? 

Another reason why I hate social media. Bullies need to be dealt with by their parents, teachers or the police. Not wannabe superheroes. What are we teaching by bullying bullies and insulting insults?