Parenting After Loss

I came across a blogger called Dear Orla on Facebook and the sad story of a stillborn baby girl, I don’t know why I read these stories because they are just so sad but I think it is because I can connect to them and it’s kind of comforting to read another mother’s feelings and be able to completely relate to what they are saying.  One thing that stood out for me in her story was how quickly she left the hospital, avoiding eye contact with anyone.  It’s these little things that you think nobody will get but reading it from someone else is a weird comfort, like, that was me too!  Continue reading Parenting After Loss

Planned and Emergency C-Section.

April is c-section awareness month so it’s a good excuse to write about my c-section experiences.  I make jokes that I’ve experienced every type of birth possible but it’s not really a joke, I actually have but incase you don’t follow me here is a quick summary… Breathe… Go… Continue reading Planned and Emergency C-Section.

The Gift of Motherhood #WeAreAllMums

I am working with Tommys on a Mothers Day campaign called #WeAreAllMums to raise awareness that some experiences of motherhood result in stillbirths, miscarriages and premature babies.  We are all still on a journey of motherhood regardless of the bumps along the road.

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My outlook on Mothers Day has changed significantly over the past couple of years. Pre motherhood I often made this joke, “I don’t see why we have to buy presents, they chose to have us!”  Continue reading The Gift of Motherhood #WeAreAllMums