The Secret is Out! My First Blog Post.

The Secret is Out! My First Blog Post.

This morning I’ve gone through my blog posts and deleted 4 pages of old crap posts or draft posts that I’m not going to publish.  I’ve deleted a lot of my early ones because they all needed editing.  They weren’t crap really, but a few years ago WordPress was just block text and not so much editing was required to make them readable.  It is a lot of work to do for a few old posts that nobody will read.

However, this one is my first ever blog post. Originally published on 23rd January 2014.  When MommaBoss was MyLittleBump.Wordpress.  I’m going to tidy it up and add some better pictures and re share.  No opinions will be changed… 

Anything blue is new.

This week – the secret has been announced.  I’m 17 weeks pregnant, or there about.  I have my scan booked for just over a weeks time so I’ll know exactly then but based on my last period it’s due 28th June.

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The Best Midwife. 

I had my last appointment (for now) with my midwife today. I was sad when I had my last appointment with her for Ollie. I sent her a card and flowers after because she was so nice.

When I got my letter through from her for my pregnancy with little Stevie I was so glad I had her again. I just trust my own judgement when I meet people and I know if I like someone within about 5 seconds of meeting them.  Read more

MAMA Academy Blogger.

It’s hard for me to stop thinking, “I should be 30 weeks pregnant by now.” I know it doesn’t do me any good but the fact is, my baby died and I had a miscarriage at 10/11 weeks.  For some reason it seems to be a taboo subject and I don’t really know why, maybe it’s because the pills for a medical miscarriage are the same pills for an abortion or because sometimes miscarriage is refered to as ‘spontaneous abortion’. Whatever the reason is, I think mothers should be able to talk about it if they want to and should be able to forget about it and move on if they want to.  There is more information from MAMA Academy here.

I want to share my story with people going through a similar thing but equally I want to move on and have another happy healthy pregnancy.  I had no problems at all with my pregnancy with my little boy Oliver, until the last minute. I had signs of pre-eclampsia and ended up having an emergency c-section after a very long labour.

Luckily my midwives were amazing and made sure everything was as safe as it could be,  I changed position in labour and something happened on the monitor because my midwife immediately told me to move because my baby was distressed.  If I would’ve had a different midwife it could have been a different outcome.

During my pregnancy I had an amazing midwife, she was so detailed with all the appointments, I had to go for a growth scan towards the end because my bump hadn’t grown. She said he might just be in a different position but it’s best to get checked.  If she hadn’t been so good I could’ve had unnecessary complications.
So my experience with pregnancy has highlighted the importance of promoting healthy pregnancies and being in close contact with your midwife and aware of any changes.


mama academy blogger
My perfect little Ollie.

When I discovered MAMA Academy I really wanted to work with them to promote the importance of a healthy pregnancy and to help mothers see that they can talk about miscarriage and they are not alone.

I am now a MAMA Academy blogger which means I will include links to their site on any relevant blogs, so I will go back to my old pregnancy posts and share some of them.  It also means that I will occasionally be asked to write topical posts that are relevant to the campaign so that’s something I’m looking forward to.

I hope that by working with them I can help share the message that it is so important to look after yourself during your pregnancy and tell your midwife about any changes no matter how minor.  You know your body, listen to it! Don’t ignore signs that something could be wrong. #MAMAKnowsBest


mama academy blogger
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