We Don’t Need to Promote Breastfeeding!

I swore I’d never write about the BF word again after all the little trolls I attracted when Ollie was a baby but something keeps popping up on social media and its driving me nuts!  The amount of women that get offended because breastfeeding isn’t promoted, but formula feeding is…

Seriously? Continue reading We Don’t Need to Promote Breastfeeding!

Baby Connor – Part One!

I am Jo’s (Momma Boss) little sister Carly who has recently had a little baby boy Connor. Jo mentioned him in her blog Cousin twins as Connor and Stevie were due the same time. If you follow Jo’s blogs you will know her story from the beginning of motherhood to current everyday challenges and advice she has with Ollie.

I asked her if I could share my journey to becoming a mommy as I had found comfort in hospital realising you don’t have to be alone and there is a huge benefit to talking to people. Continue reading Baby Connor – Part One!