HIMYM Honeymoon – LV Part 1.

We arrived in Las Vegas on Tuesday evening, earlier than scheduled which was nice!  Now, a few years ago I fell in-love… with a car! I’ve said the way I feel about this car makes me think I’m actually a boy inside.  Back in 2011 I did a mini West coast tour, flew to San Fransisco, bus to Hollywood boulevard, train to Long Beach LA and then drove LA- Vegas! In Mustang Sally! Continue reading HIMYM Honeymoon – LV Part 1.

HIMYM Honeymoon – NY Part 3.

This is the last New York section now!

So, we were up to the last full day and we did a tour of Radio City Music hall, it was really good! It lasted just over an hour and the tour guide was knowledgable and so friendly.  The place is huge! The foyer alone is so grand, the whole place was restored in 1999 but they’ve kept it looking old fashioned, it feels like you’ve gone back in time in there. Continue reading HIMYM Honeymoon – NY Part 3.