Childhood Memories: Bug Hunts!

As I’ve been a bit controversial lately with my parenting politics posts I thought it’s about time I write something that nobody can get offended over or start an argument.


I love bugs.  Haha!

I was a weird little kid, my family will back me up on this.  One time when I was about 8 I rescued a caterpillar in the school playground and kept him in my pocket all day at school.  When I got home I turned a coffee jar into his house with leaves for him.  I kept him on my little desk for weeks until one day my mom suggested I released him into the wild.  He was probably dead…

The Hungry Caterpillar was one of my favourite books and Ollie loves it now too.

Weird little me!

Another time, I was about 6 for this story, I collected loads and I mean LOADS of ladybirds in a jar.  They were severely overcrowded the poor things.  We were playing out with the local kids and I started bragging about my ladybird collection.  Some boy didn’t believe me so I went to get them and on the way to show everyone…

Tissues at the ready…

I tripped and the jar smashed.  I was fine but all of my little creatures flew away.


I also used to love catching butterflies in my Nan’s garden, I was the spider catcher in our house because both my sisters are scared of them!  I used to just put them outside.

I would love that VW Beetle car and I’d have it in red with black spots! Many times I’ve considered switching my perfume to that Marc Jacobs one just because its a ladybird bottle.  Haha what a nause…

I imagined that when I became a mom I’d do bug hunts in our garden and find lots of little creatures so imagine how chuffed I was when Ollie took a liking to Mini Beast Adventures on CBeebies! His ‘feelers out what’s about’ is the cutest.

Then in the shop the other day he wanted this magazine.


It had lots of fake bugs and a little magnifying glass included so we’ve had bug hunts around the house!  Ollie finds them really funny, hopefully he’ll like real bugs too.

When I met Dave he had a bearded dragon pet called Jeff, I really liked Jeff but I wanted him to be a vegetarian because I always felt sorry for the bugs.  The only way I could get over it was to think of them as the baddies in A Bugs Life and convince myself that Jeff was making life easier for the ant community.

Ollie used to open Jeff’s house a lot, maybe he’s like me and he was thinking of setting them free…

So that’s just a little inoffensive blog post about my weird and wonderful ways.


This post is dedicated to Jeffy our unusual little friend who died last week.  The finest bug catcher I ever did see.  RIP Jeff.