Ditching the Dummy!

About a month or so ago we accidentally ditched the dummy, I didn’t want to speak to soon incase it was just a stage but it’s been a while now and Ollie is just over 21 months and has no dummy!

I would like to tell you I have crafted a special technique to enable toddlers to give up their dummies but it was actually a mistake and we got lucky with this one.

Ollie is only allowed a specific dummy, MAM orthodontic approved.  He has had the same brand of dummy since he was newborn.

One night we couldn’t find any of the dummies, he always had about 3 or 4 of the same dummy sometimes they got left at Nanny’s or accidentally folded up inside the pushchair but we usually had at least 1 in use and one spare at any given time with 2 floating somewhere lost in space and time.

On this particular night all of the dummies had vanished.

Ollie had got to the point where he was only having the dummy for bed anyway but it was bedtime and we had no dummy.  I was going out so I said to Dave, just put him to bed and hope he settles and I’ll pick one up while I’m out and then if he wakes up in the night he’ll have it.

So I picked up 2 exactly the same but new MAM dummies.  Exactly the same.

He survived the night anyway but the next night I gave him the imposter dummy.  He took one look at it and threw it out the bed.  “Ollie, it’s your dummy.” No, throws it out again.  Next time he examined it put it in his mouth for half a second and spat it out in disgust.  What is this thing!

So I thought well I’m not going to force him to have a dummy so we didn’t give him a dummy.  He went a few nights without the dummy then one day Jake and Tom (cousins) were at our house and for some reason one of them pulled the cot away from the toddler bed and I spotted a little stash.

Little Tommy Pickles, as I called Ollie that day (remember the Rugrats when he used to stash dummies, bottles, Reptar etc) had a secret stash and 2 of the 4 approved dummies were tucked down the side of his bed tent!

I was happier than Ollie.  “Ollie! Your dummies!” I offered them to him and… “Naaah!” didn’t even want his stinky old dummies.

And he’s never had a dummy since.  No interest at all, it’s like he just decided he doesn’t need them anymore, going to sleep is actually quite easy!

I found 3 of 4 MAM trapped in the mesh of the shopping basket on the car pushchair (the cheap pushchair that lives in the car), 4 of 4 is still an unsolved mystery.

So we ditched the dummies by… Losing the dummies.

That’s it.

On a serious note, I would say don’t stress about dummies.  I never wanted to use a dummy but Ollie had one at 4 days old and you always get some idiot telling you it ruins teeth, speech, they get too attached or whatever.

Ignore them, your kid won’t have a dummy forever.  You might not get a lucky break like we did but they will give it up!

I think this is my last photo of him with a dummy!
I think this is my last photo of him with a dummy! This was taken on 14th March so he was 20 months!