Do Kids Remember Adventures?

Ollie is 18 months old and he has been on quite a few adventures in his little life.  Sometimes people try to criticise his adventures by saying he is too young and he won’t remember so what’s the point?  So do they have a point?  Am I wasting my time and money with Ollie’s adventures? Here is a little summary of what he’s got up to.

We had our first little British holiday when Ollie was 3 months old he won’t remember the first time he stood on the beach.


In January 2015, Ollie was 6 months old and we had a frosty little break in Ironbridge.  Ollie won’t remember going to a nice little historical town.


When Ollie was 9 months old he went on his first trip abroad. He won’t remember his first time on a plane.


Just before his first birthday we had a few days in Wales.  Ollie won’t remember that he liked looking at the fishes in the Aquarium.


In October 2015, we went to Disneyland Paris.  Ollie was only 15 months, he won’t remember dancing in front of the castle.


Then just a few days ago we had a little adventure to Thomas Land! It’s Ollie’s favourite but he won’t remember the first time he saw the trains.



But I’ll Remember…

I would spend all of my time and money on making memories with Ollie! He won’t remember being there but I’ll tell him stories and show him pictures so he can see what we did.  My lifestyle could change over the next few years and I might not have time and money for adventures so I’ll squeeze one in at every chance I get.

Even if he doesn’t remember any of our adventures, he’ll grow up feeling loved and with high self esteem.  He won’t be a happy 5 year old because he went to Thomas Land but he’ll be a happy 5 year old because he’s been loved and felt valued and developed self esteem.  The first two years are crucial and I want to make sure he has been happy and felt loved.

I remember the first time he wore a pram suit and how mega cute he looked.


I remember that I got him out of the pushchair so that he could be involved and look at the planes in the RAF museum.



I remember how much he loved playing in the sand on the beach.


I remember how much fun we had in the ball pool and how brave he was just jumping in.


I remember how much we loved Disneyland and how we didn’t want to come home.


I remember Ollie’s little tantrum because he loved the Thomas in the shop so much, he cried when I took him out.



So no, Ollie won’t remember and some people might say he’s too young and it’s a waste of time but I disagree.  Any time spent with Ollie is never a waste!

The memories are for me too and I want to look back on my life as a mom and say I did everything I could to make Ollie happy and enjoy life.  Even just going out in the garden makes him happy, he won’t remember if I can’t be bothered and say no.  I will remember that I made him sad and rejected him. He will eventually stop asking to go out if I keep rejecting him and be a sad little boy.  So we will continue to have our adventures whether they cost nothing or cost everything I have, it’s worth it.


  • Tori Gabriel

    Exactly this. Okay, they won’t remember but as parenys we will! Should we all do nothing until baby is old enough to remember?

  • Bob Sangwell

    You will be amazed what he does remember. David has memories from being about a year old that have surprised us! Just keep doing what you do xxx

  • Hayley McLean

    I totally agree. We had the same comments too, but I have the same mindset – its not just for the child, its for the parents too. So many people like to say “You should save that until hes older when he’ll appreciate it” but I don’t do nice things for appreciation, I do them because they’re nice and we ALL enjoy them…plus why does everyone always assume “tomorrow” is a guarantee? Any one of us could not be when hes older, life isn’t a guarantee, it might be a depressing mind set but its true…I’d rather make memories and have fun while the chance is there xx