Does Anybody Read my Blog?

I write a lot… A lot of rubbish most of the time just rambling on about how I’m going to save the world one blog post at a time. I also write a lot of really cute, interesting stuff about Ollie. The problem is, I write so much that there aren’t many parenting topics that I haven’t covered so if I get into a conversation with somebody I often quote my own blogs and I’m never sure if they’ve already read the blog and are thinking, “you’ve already said that you idiot!” Or if they just think I’m making valid contributions to the conversations. 

However, if I am talking to somebody that I’m close to and assume that they’ve read my blog and then they bring up a topic that I’ve already written about, I’ll often say, “Does anybody read my blog ‽” 

It might sound a bit bratty but in my head it’s really funny, so if I ever say it to you imagine it in this voice. 

Sometimes I say, “I wanna be a writer!” Which might be perceived as deluded or overly ambitious but again I find it hilarious because I say it in this voice. I can’t find the actual clip but it’s Vada Sultenfuss when she turns up at the adult writing class. 

And my final silly saying, if I get a new like or follower I say, “We have a new member!” Again, I find myself hilarious because in my head it’s this voice. 

So luckily, I don’t suffer from delusions of grandeur and believe everyone should read my blog, I just have a very active mind and have inside jokes… With myself. 

Does anybody else have any silly inner jokes?