Dr Pepper Parenting.

I am definitely a Dr Pepper parent! I’m known for being too chilled out and never getting stressed. That doesn’t mean I’m lazy or don’t care, it just means I don’t stress about things that aren’t worth caring about.

Sometimes Ollie makes a mess, he has happy and therefore not giving me a reason to get stressed.   

I am definitely a Dr Pepper auntie! When I’m with my nephews, Jake and Tom, we do crazy things! The other day they wanted to drag each other around the garden in a giant bag of cut grass. I thought, “What’s the worst that can happen?” They’ll get grass on them and maybe an insect. Not a big deal, let’s play! So they took turns getting in and pulling it round. When I say bag, I mean those skip bags, hippo sack type thing. It’s a mini skip more than a bag! 

 dr pepper parent Ollie was too little to play in the bag! 
They had fun, everything was fine. If I said no, why? What is the reason? You’ll get dirty? So! They’re young boys, they’re already dirty! You might get hurt! Well, it’s unlikely since they’re getting in basically a padded cell and I am supervising as an adult! Just because I’m fun I am still responsible and know when enough is enough. 

I really believe in reasoning with kids. I hope I am never the type of mom that says, “no because I said so.” What does that teach them?

Although this post is intended to be lighthearted, on a serious note, I do think it damages a child’s self esteem if you reject them and their ideas for no reason. If they want to fly out the window then there is a perfectly good reason to say no.

My rule is, if it’s safe and you’re not fighting it’s ok. I’m the same with Ollie already. All wires tucked away, stairs blocked off, toys on the floor… He can crawl around and explore! Sometimes he escapes the baby zone and climbs on something so he has to come back.

As for mess and games… What’s the worst that can happen? Woah be careful, the kids might have fun! 

We just played Ollie’s favourite splash splash game. A bowl of water, cover all bib, towel on the floor and splash! He loves it! Guess the worst thing that happened? Some of my dry washing go wet. I think that’s my own fault. I’m not packing the game away because I didn’t think. 

 dr pepper parenting   
Are you a Dr Pepper parent? Do you let your kids just have fun (within reason) or do you hate the thought of paint and water in the kitchen?