Due Date.

Today is my double due date!

My little Ollie was due this day last year, he decided to make us wait 12 days! So no birthday yet Olliepop! 

Everyone always tells you it goes so quick and they’re not babies for long and all the other overused sayings! It really does though! This time last year I was bored on maternity leave binge watching Dance Academy on Netflix. (It’s not a teenage drama it deals with some very serious issues there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be aimed at an older audience.) 

So I have had a wonderful year with my little Ollie he really is a lovely little boy. But I also had a sad part of the year. Today is also the due date for little Baby Tutu! 

I know some people hate the thought of having babies so close together but I would have loved it! Ollie would never have remembered being the only baby so he would’ve just grown up with a little best friend! 

I think I dealt with having a miscarriage because of Ollie. Anyone that knows Ollie knows you can’t be sad when you’re with him, he’s so perfect! So thank you Ollie for being my little friend and cheering me up no matter what!

I’m sure you will get to be a big brother one day, you’ll be an even bigger brother than you would’ve been so you’ll have a friend but somebody to look after too. 

I do wonder what little Tutu would’ve been like and if my cheese cravings were accurately predicting girl or if that is just another myth. I know there is no point over thinking or dwelling on the past so I’ll try not to go on about it too much but I couldn’t let today go by without mentioning baby Tutu! 

I also stand by my previous statements about how wrong and nasty the idiots were that criticised me for posting pictures of my newborn Ollie. Can you believe somebody that I don’t know messaged me saying I shouldn’t post so many pictures because some people might have miscarried! How rude.

Well, I am some people and I can accept that people are proud of their babies so post hundreds of pictures, screw everybody else and their nasty comments! I’ve got about 40 people blocked on my Facebook. I have zero time for people that take their problems out on other people’s happiness. 

One thing that I’ve said for years now is I’d never make a wish. When people say if you could have anything, no consequences I always say nothing. I don’t wish for anything. Be careful what you wish for! And it’s funny because last year I was moaning that Ollie was late and not coming out. (I didn’t wish he’d come out maybe almost!) Then I had a baby come out far too early so if I get pregnant again I won’t moan that they’re not coming out bang on the due date I’ll just be happy knowing my baby is comfortable.

I think it’s really important to just accept certain things (not everything!) and be content with what you’ve got or as my dad would say, “Don’t get what you want, want what you’ve got!” 

I’m sharing this with #maternitymondays because I think pregnancy is a wonderful thing and I know some people suffer and have a rough time but it’s worth it!
Be careful what you wish for. Don’t wish your sickness and cramps away it’s happening so that your baby can grow. Motherhood is all about sacrifice and it starts with pregnancy. 
Never forget it’s worth it! 

  • Bob Sangwell

    This is really touching, Jo (of course), and I am sharing it because I want others to read about how you dealt with things. We were unable to help you deal with the miscarriage as we were so far away and informed by David. I hope you know we were thinking of you all. You are an amazing girl x

    • MommaBoss

      Aww thanks! 🙂 Ollie really does make everyday better! He’s the best little boy! Xx

  • Emma Lander

    aww you poor thing. I had 2 miscarriages between my 2 and it is so awful. You never forget them my love. Big hugs x

    • MommaBoss

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂 I think it’s good for people to share their experiences. Xx