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Ecover Laundry Challenge

This post is an entry for Britmums #EcoverLaundry challenge, sponsored by Ecover. 

I’ve teamed up with Britmums and Ecover to take part in the Ecover laundry challenge.  I’m going to write about my thoughts on laundry and my routine for my family of four!  Quick intro for those that don’t know or follow me.

I’m Jo, 31 year old pub manager on maternity leave, my hubby is Dave 35 year old Brand Activation Executive for a spirits company and two lovely little boys, Ollie – 3 year old Paw Patrol and cake fan, lover of slides.  Ted – 8 month old yoghurt fan, lover of cuddles.

My Routine.

I have a love/hate relationship with laundry.  I love getting it all done and have my machine on every single day.  If it’s not on I have to find something to wash such as cushion covers or blankets – haha! Home isn’t home without the whirling of a washing machine. But I hate putting it away.   I’ll have a mound of clean washing just sitting in my bedroom for a good week before I give in and put it away.  Although, with my boys washing, I like putting their stuff away.   Everything gets put away as soon as it is out of the dryer into their neatly organised wardrobes. Maybe it’s some kind of maternal instinct that I need to look after them and keep their little clothes fresh!

Look how organised their little wardrobes are, my stuff is a big pile!

In my last Britmums challenge I shared some pictures of my 80s kitchen, my wardrobe is 80s themed too! So I thought it made sense to share a couple for this challenge…

There is also a giant Madonna and Billy Idol pop art hiding behind the clothes rails.  I am a true 80s Queen.

I digress, back to the laundry!

We have two laundry baskets, one for mine and Dave’s stuff and one for Ollie and Ted’s.  I like to wash their stuff separately because I use baby fabric softener for their stuff and something strong smelling like for our stuff.

I’d like to say I’m domesticated and split everything into colour friendly loads but the reality is – I don’t own a single white bra because I can’t seem to judge what will run so anything that is delicate and previously white is now a blueish grey.  I am getting better and try to put all whites together now, since Dave has been in his current job he wears shirts everyday so I’d better not risk mouldy looking shirts for his meetings.


Love/ Hate. 

My favourite thing about doing washing is… emptying the pockets.  I have a moneybox on top of the machine and I put all the coins in there.  It will be interesting to see how much we can save!  My favourite thing to wash is towels, I love fluffy fresh towels, I always wash them at 90 degrees with loads of fabric softener.

Two things that I hate about laundry other than putting it away, this is a weird one but I hate putting clothes outside to dry.  Even on the freshest summers day I think they get a horrible outside smell.  I always use my tumble dryer instead.  The only thing I’m willing to hang outside is a bed sheet, only because they bunch up in the dryer and it leaves wet patches.  Outside allows it to spread out.  I also hate it when hubby thinks he’s being good taking stuff out the dryer but doesn’t fold it.  It still looks dirty and drives me mad, folding is the signal that it’s clean!

Ideal detergent. 

The one quality that I need in a detergent is stain removal.  My boys create a lot of stains, poo, paint, pasta sauce… I need to be able to wash their clothes effectively.  I recently tried some budget brands and they just didn’t cut it, I’d washed one baby grow three times at 90 degrees and still poo stained.    Crystal clean bright white after one wash when I used a very well known brand. That is my number one requirement!

My second quality that I look for is the smell. I like my washing to smell washed!  I like fresh summery fragrances or vanilla tones.


Ecover is a non-bio formula that is tough on stains and sensitive on skin, pioneering a greener clean since 1979.  The fragrance is lavender and sandalwood and when I opened it I thought it smelt like my favourite pub! I know that sounds weird but my favourite pub is in Warwick near the river and it smells like fresh plants, it’s a lovely relaxing summery ambience and that is what this Ecover smells like!

The Verdict.

I’ve washed 3 loads of washing with Ecover and they smell very fresh, even a day later they still smell nice which is good! We haven’t had any major stains over the weekend so I haven’t tested the stain removal power yet but I will definitely put it to the test as soon as I get the chance which I’m sure won’t be long.

I thought this detergent was really bubbly when it came out which I think is unusual for a detergent, they’re usually quite gloopy but this seemed lighter, I imagine this is because they use plant and mineral based products rather than chemicals that can be damaging to the environment.


It would be nice to  try the fabric softener too, I added another brand of fabric softener to my last load and the clothes did come out softer and the smell over powered the detergent smell so Ecover, if you’d like to send me some fabric softener too I’d be happy to put it to the test!

Would I recommend this product or use it again?  Yes I would, but I would prefer to use it with softener too I wouldn’t just use it on it’s own.  I’d like to try this one, it has a vanilla scent! I would also like to try their zero range for sensitive skin to wash the boys clothes in.

Finally, it wouldn’t be right to take on a laundry challenge without finishing the weekend with fresh bedding, so the boys both have freshly Ecover washed bedding!