Wedding Photographer – The One!

I believe that when you find ‘the one’ you just know.  I’m not just talking soulmates, life in general.  If you’re shopping for shoes, you can be out all day and not find anything or go into the first shop and know they’re the one.  I bought my wedding shoes years ago because I knew they were the ones.  And a few years ago I found ‘the one’, the dress!  I drew it when I was at the Bath Fashion Museum with my friends and then actually had the one for my wedding.  I didn’t try any other dress on because I knew it was the one.

The one!
The one!

That is the intro to how we chose our photographer.

HIMMP (How I Met My Photographer)

We looked at Drayton Manor and one other venue and knew Drayton Manor was the one.  So we went to a wedding fair there in September last year.  We knew we’d made the right choice with the venue when we saw it all dressed and we walked round and there were a few photographers there.

We went to Ed’s stand and everything was so professional we instantly got a good vibe.  We spoke to Victoria, his partner who he works with and actually barely spoke to Ed, she said this is Ed and we said hi and looked through some of the albums.

We spoke to another couple of photographers and they were alright but we just didn’t get the same good vibe from any of them.

When we got home and looked through all the business cards and flyers that we collected I said I think Ed is the one, this is ‘the guy’ (I always say this is the guy and nobody gets that I’m referring to a scene with Tom Cruise in Knight and Day but thats the voice I say it in!) We also noticed that he did the photography for the Drayton Manor wedding brochure and we loved the photos on there.

You know when you just know they’re the shoes or dress that you want, it was the same with Ed.  He was the guy. Once we’d set a date we emailed straight away and were so happy when he was available and straight away everything was perfect.  All the emails were friendly but professional, our receipt was sent to us in a really nice little folder with loads of great photos on it and everything was relaxed.

We met up with him at his studio in Hinkley and then I blog stalked for a while looking at all of the weddings he’s photographed.

On the day he didn’t let me down!  He did everything we asked and more.  I can’t wait to get all of the photos because I just know they’re going to be amazing!  I have no bridezilla anxieties or anything, I have complete faith that he has captured our day perfectly!

If you’ve seen Ed’s work and you’re thinking of hiring him, stop thinking and just book, you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you so much Ed for being the best photographer we could’ve wished for.


Oh, and our theme was HIMYM, if you’ve watched the show you’ll know that Ted is the main character and Victoria was a reoccurring character… Ted and Victoria… Ed and Victoria!

If you’d like to blog stalk some of his work check it out here Ed Brown Photography.  And like his Facebook page!