Epic Edinburgh Adventure!

I recently wrote about graduating at the age of 31, to attend my graduation we drove to Edinburgh from Birmingham so here is a summary of our travels.  My hubby drove for over 10 hours in total, he is the best! He always encourages my crazy adventures, I wrote all about him a couple of weeks ago, if you want to be nosy it’s this post! 

Dave booked the Thursday and Friday off work and our trip was Thursday to Saturday.  We set off on Thursday morning and our first stop was pretty boring, just a service station for toilet break and a cake stop (Ollie’s idea!) Ollie was really happy because we found a Swashbuckle magazine so he was a pirate with jewels.  

Next stop was Preston, we just went to the shopping centre because I needed a shirt to wear for graduation (last min.com family) so we went to Primark and had lunch so it was a pretty quick stop off!  Ollie went shopping in Poundland and wondered around with a basket, he picked Paw Patrol swimming accessories, cookies, paint and glue.  He also found a car just like Mommy’s old car.

Then we were back in the car and on our way to the Lake District, I’ve always wanted to go there so as it’s on the way to Edinburgh anyway, it was a good route to take.  It is beautiful scenery, I could’ve spent a week there easily.

When I was a kid I loved Beatrix Potter books so Dave took me to Beatrix Potter world, it was really nice and brought back some nice memories for me but it’s so small!  And not really kid friendly, Ollie was just running wild and trying to climb on the exhibits, tea with Mrs Tiggywinkle anybody? It was a nice thing to do but it’s not a day trip, you’d struggle to spend more than half hour in there!

Then we went for a little walk around Windermere and by the lake and headed back to the car and onwards and upwards to Edinburgh.  The drive was lovely, we drove into the clouds!  The scenery is amazing and there were so many animals along the way so I was loving it, Ollie was waving saying, “Hello sheep!”

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We stopped off at Carlisle mainly to sleep! We didn’t see much of Carlisle, if we’d had more time I would’ve liked to have visited Hadrian’s Wall.  We stayed at a Travelodge and had dinner there and just chilled in the room.  The boys slept really well, we had two single beds and a king so we pushed them together and had a giant family bed.

The next morning we had a little walk but only to get some breakfast and then the next stop was Edinburgh.

The drive up to Edinburgh was so pretty too.  I would love to go hiking around the Scottish highlands.  We had one service station stop along the way to feed Ted but then we finally made it!

I went to my graduation but we decided it would’ve been too stressful for Ollie to sit in a crowded auditorium for 90 mins so I went in and Dave took the boys for a walk around Edinburgh, we know the city quite well because we spent our first anniversary bar crawling there.  Then we all went to the reception which was just outside the city in Craiglockart at my campus.  Ollie and Ted were popular in their little suits.

Ollie helped himself to the canapés, well the mini cake tray and then we headed back down towards home, we stopped off at a lovely service station which was a farm shop and there were loads of animals there.

We had one more stop off at Lytham St Annes just outside Blackpool.  We were going to stop at Blackpool because it’s my favourite place but we didn’t have much time so we stayed just outside so that we got to see a new place! It is a lovely little seaside town, we stayed there overnight and then had breakfast at a pub near the seafront, had a stroll down the amusement pier, a quick run on the beach, ice cream and then back to Birmingham!

Dave was working on Saturday night otherwise we would’ve stayed in Edinburgh on the Friday and Lytham on the Saturday.  we got back to Birmingham around 3pm and I’d like to point out that it is now Monday morning and everything we took and wore is now washed, dried and put away! That’s a world record for me.

That was our adventure, I’m going to leave you with this mega cute picture of Ted, he looks like a little Elf because his ear is sticking out!