Featured in…

Sometimes my blog or writing features elsewhere in the world of blogging, these are some of them…

Huffington Post Blogger.

I have been published on Huffington Post a few times.  My entries can be viewed here. 

Bloggers Required.

I had a guest post published on Bloggers Required, it was my article ‘Six Types of Blogging Mommas.’

Run, Jump, Scrap.

I have been featured on the ‘What’s Right for You’ section of Sarah’s great blog.  See my interview here.

Holistic Mama.

I wrote a guest post for Laura who did a feature, ‘Celebrating Sisters.’ My contribution was, Sisters Are doin’ It for Themselves.

Metro Blogs. 

I reworked an old post that was published on the Metro. You Know You’re A Mom When… 

Motherhood: The Real Deal.

I have featured on the #BeingAMother project over at Motherhood: The Real Deal.