What Does it Feel Like to be Wrong?

As I get older and wiser and experience more bullshit and drama I’m eagerly waiting for the day to come where I’m going to understand what’s it feels like to be wrong.

It started off as a joke, “I may be left handed but I’m always right lol”.

Then it was just an annoying wife thing.

As I’ve encountered more and more bullshit as life goes on I’d actually really like to be wrong just for once.


Yet here I am sitting by Ted’s bed being told I’m now right about everything they were so half soaked about.

So if you read part one of the story, we were discharged from the hospital after Teds operation despite his doctor saying don’t discharge until he can walk.

He couldn’t walk, not even close but off he went.  I was not impressed.

Then we came back and there was no rush to re-admit Ted despite apparently having flagged for leukaemia on the blood test the previous day.

We were given a bed and then moved to a bay exposing Ted to flu meaning he had to be on antibiotics and isolation.

So this was on the cancer ward where I was given the impression we were going to be taken seriously. Two weeks ago his temperature dropped consistently for two solid days and I said that’s  sign of infection and we need to take cultures and figure it out.

No, I was just fobbed off. It isn’t because it’s cold outside. It’s night time. All the other kids have low temps (er… they’re all seriously ill). It’s the medication. It’s because he’s on a drip. Just bullshit after bullshit and I knew that low temp is not a good sign.


It slowly crept back up so no one cared and never actually got to the bottom of why we had a 34.5 temp.


Then a a few days later it crept up too much, and his knee was really red and looked painful.

I called the doctors in and said I think he has an infection they said no it’s just irritated. Next day still bad, orthopaedics came in removed the stitch and started antibiotics and I’ve been saying all along he’s not walking because of his leg.


They kept saying chemo makes his bones ache and I’m like, ok so why is it only his legs.  The rest of his body is working fine but he cannot bear weight.


No ignore me. What do I know I’m just a retired pub manger (I swear there are more checks involved in running pubs. I’m mentally doing risk assessments wondering why fire exits are blocked and trifle not defrosted but I digress…)


Then yesterday we finally got sent for an x ray and in all honesty I felt like it was more to shut me up than for Ted. As if rule it out so she can see she’s wrong.


And now we have orthopaedics coming back saying it looks abnormal and had both legs fully x rayed only to discover that wait for it….

Momma Knows Best!


Its looking very much like he has a bone infection and needs to go for a scan to confirm. Bone infections are treatable but if left they can lead to amputation so it really is quite important to pay attention to a child that cannot walk following surgery on a joint who also has leukaemia.


The the worst part is they try and make it about me like I need help for asking questions that they can’t answer. So hopefully now somebody might start listening to me and we might get some useful results and finally treat this leg before it goes horribly wrong and I have to take on the NHS.


Just listen!