First Ollie-day Abroad! 

Little Ollie has just got back from his first trip abroad. He went on a plane for the first time at 9 months old.  I’m going to write a few blogs inspired by travelling but this is just an overview of what he got up to!

travelling with a baby
Don’t forget my bottles Mommy!

We travelled from Birmingham and there was a delay of about 2 hours due to French air traffic control strikes.  Ollie was really good at the airport but got really bored on the plane because we were delayed on the ground so we were just sitting there and he cried because he was bored!

flying with a baby
Just chillin’ at the airport!

He slept as soon as we took off!

flying with a baby
“What’s the big deal about planes Mom?”

We arrived at our hotel just before midnight where we met Ollie’s Grandma and Grandad. Then we just went to bed!

Hello Grandma and Grandad!


Benidorm Family holiday
Hello Benidorm!

Everybody loved Ollie! All the staff wouldn’t leave him alone. They asked where is Oliver? And it sounded like OliBear with their accent!

magic cristal park Benidorm
“Who is this lady?”

Ollie hated his cot and slept with me for the first couple of nights. Then he decided it wasn’t too bad.


"I don't know that bed Mommy, I'm not sleeping there!"
“I don’t know that bed Mommy, I’m not sleeping there!”


"Ok, it's not that bad!"
“Ok, it’s not that bad!”

Ollie loved swimming on the rooftop.

magic cristal park Benidorm
Baby swimming!
baby swimming
Ollie loves swimming!

Mommy and Daddy had a trip to Terra Mitica theme park so Ollie spent the day with Grandma and Grandad going on rides too!


Terra mitica Benidorm
Mommy and Daddy were pathetic on the kids rides. I’m going to put more pictures on Instagram – MommaBossUK


“Mommy and Daddy think their rides are cool.. Well I’m BatBaby!”

Ollie tried some new foods on holiday.  He likes toast, bananas, Spanish baby porridge and lots of mash potato and vegetables.  But Ollie had a massive poo one of the days because of all this new food… he needed to use the bidet… sorry Ollie…

weaning baby
“Mmmm bananas!”
weaning baby holiday
Ollie’s first bidet.

I think Ollies favourite thing was…


baby in Benidorm
Ollie loved the sand!

The beach! He really is just like his Mommy! I’m a Birmingham baby so the beach is a treat for me and I think Ollie will love it just as much!

Benidorm baby!
Benidorm baby!

The sea was very cold but Ollie liked watching the waves.

Ollie loves water!
Ollie loves water!

I loved Ollie’s holiday outfits! He looked so cute everyday.

Mothercare summer outfits!
Mothercare summer outfits! (Click to go to Mothercare!)


BabyGap summer outfit! (Click to go to BabyGap!)

Thank you very much to Mothercare, Vertbaudet and BabyGap! Ollie’s caterpillar shoes are from Tiddly Tots, check out my review and giveaway here.

Vertbaudet summer onesie! (Click to go to Vertbaudet!)
Vertbaudet summer onesie! (Click to go to Vertbaudet!)

Oh yeh, Ollie has his own bar already… Takes after his mom and Dad!

oliver's benidorm
Oliver’s is right next to Queens… I’m not saying he’s a secret Arrow baby but the code is there…

That’s a quick summary of his holiday! I’ll be writing some more over the next few days.

Benidorm family holiday
Happy Ollie-day!



  • Grandad Bob

    What memories! Loved it!