Getting Your Blog Published.

This week I’ve been published twice! Another post on Huffington Post and on an online magazine called Her Interests.

So I’m writing this for new bloggers to let you know how to get your blog published elsewhere and the sort of posts I’ve found get printed.

I am not a ‘professional full time blogger’ but I am a manager and running a blog as a business is the same as running any business so I use my career to enhance my blog.

I don’t particularly want this blog to generate income actually! I want to stick to my original intent behind the blog.

However, I do want to write a book one day and getting published makes up a good writing CV! So that’s why I make an effort to get published elsewhere.

How can you get your blog published? 


This really is rule number one to getting published. Just ask!  I got published on HuffPo after only a couple months of blogging publicly. All I did was send an email and asked if they’d feature me.

Fair enough, established, award winning bloggers probably don’t need to approach online publishers but when you’re new… You do!

I’ve found that funny posts are generally accepted. If you can make light of a situation it is more beneficial to the reader.

Nine Stupid Things People Say to New Moms.

This post was my first HuffPo publication and the post that Her Interests wanted to publish. That was popular little post!

her interests contributor

Writing about trending topics is a good idea but you have to be quick because others will be writing on that topic too and the chances are it won’t trend for long!

A good old list always seems to work online too.  Top Five Tips for New Moms, Ten signs You’re a Mom of Twins etc…

I’ve also found that an honest, heartfelt post goes down well too. Talking about your innermost feelings and just reflecting on life like this one.

Aren’t We All Judgemental? 

Something thought provoking that makes the readers question the subject such as my latest one.

I Apologise When My Baby Cries. 

I’ve had two posts rejected from being published and one was about miscarriage, ironically it was about miscarriage being taboo and nobody talking about it.

The other one was about blog haters. I think that was rejected for referencing individual people (not by name) and I probably slipped a few swear words in. Anything that might be deemed aggressive, slanderous or hateful will not get published.

So how can you get published? 

HuffPo I emailed them but they now have a form where you can pitch to them.  Check it out here.  They will ask for an example and if it fits their style it gets published and you’ll be given access to the back end of the site where you can submit future posts.

Her Interests fill in this form on their website. They will ask for your details and a few example blog titles and then if they like any of the titles they will contact you asking you to submit the articles.

Remember, the worst that can happen is they will say no.  It doesn’t mean your blog is rubbish it just means it doesn’t fit their style at the moment.  Keep writing your style and find on online magazine or newspaper that fits you.  I have been rejected from one online newspaper and waiting to hear back from a magazine and a newspaper that I pitched to yesterday.

Getting published elsewhere is an added bonus, it isn’t the be all and end all of blogging!

Do I get paid? 

HuffPo no they do not pay you. The benefit of being published in HuffPo is that it is one of the biggest online newspapers so it gives you great exposure and will look good on a CV if you intend on writing or blogging as a career.

Her Interests they work on a commission basis. So you do not get paid upfront, however if it goes viral or you are one of the most viewed posts then they pay commission.

Just be aware that if you start getting paid then you really should register as self employed! Also, if you currently have a job you should check your contract as there might be a clause that says you can’t have another ‘job’.  So it might not be worth getting paid sometimes.

For me personally, I just want to build a bit of a reputation as a writer so that I’m taken more seriously when I’m ready to finish writing my book!

Will they publish old blog posts?

HuffPo they prefer new material that has been online for less than a few days. So you can publish on your blog and then submit the same post to them but you can’t dig through the archives and send an old one. I don’t know if that rule is set in stone, they might make an exception but they prefer new stuff.

Her Interests they will publish old material as long as you own the rights to it. So my post is on my blog and HuffPo but I own the original copyright so it was accepted. That post was fairly generic too. It isn’t restricted in terms of relevance. There are new moms everyday! Whereas submitting an old blog like Party Controversy would be silly!

Basically, try and keep a fresh voice. Don’t rip off somebody else’s post and don’t recycle something that’s no longer relevant. Write from the heart. If you find it easy to be naturally funny then write funny but if heartfelt is more you then don’t try to be funny.

Any more advice?

I’m no pro but one thing I would advise is check your spelling and grammar, in particular your punctuation. Incorrect punctuation can make a post very difficult to read as it affects the tone and pace of a post. More importantly, it looks like an amateur diary instead of the beginnings of a serious writer.

I’m not a pro but……….. One thing I would advice is check ur spelling and grammar, in particula your punctuation!!!!!! Incorrect punctuation can make a post VERY difficult to read!!!!!! As it affects the tone. And pace. Of a post. More importantly – it looks like an amateur diary!??? NOT the beginnings of a serious writer!!

See the difference? 

I’ve seen posts written like that which is absolutely fine if you are simply writing an online diary. U will Neva be took seriously as a writer thou. 

I haven’t written this to cause arguments amongst bloggers, it is just my experience and meant to be helpful so if it doesn’t help you feel free to click away! If you’d like to add anything feel free to comment and if you have any questions please ask.

  • Elaine Betteridge

    Some great tips there, thank you. I’ve always wondered how bloggers get posts published by Huffington Post!