Grommets for a 3 year old – Flying and Swimming?

Over the past couple of days I’ve been writing about Ollie getting grommets and an infection.

We’ve recently returned from a lovely family holiday to Spain but for the few weeks leading up to the holiday I had major paranoia about Ollie flying with grommets and swimming and playing with water.

I searched ‘grommets flying’ ‘grommets swimming’ and searched through random articles looking for reassurance that he would be fine and I wasn’t going to cause any distress. I don’t know what I was hoping to find because I generally type NHS at the end for official reassurance!

So I’m basically writing this for any other moms searching ‘grommets and flying’

I am not medically trained but I have a 3 year old little boy who has recently flown from Birmingham to Spain and back with grommets and he was perfectly fine.


Amongst my frantic searches I read that your ears don’t pop with grommets and based on my experience I think this is true because when we flew to Lanzarote last year Ollie was crying and holding his ears as we landed but he just was not bothered at all this time.  He spent most of the flight asleep and was very peaceful and relaxed.

He didn’t wear any earplugs or suck sweets he was quite happy watching Mr Tumble on the iPad.

I’m not sure exactly what I was scared of but there was nothing to worry about.  The grommets seemed to have made flying a nicer experience for Ollie, not only because of the absence of popping but because of his improved understanding so he was very well behaved on the flight.



Ollie had swimming lessons as a baby so he is confident in the water and happy to go underwater and be splashed a lot.  However I was told when we left hospital that he is safe to get wet such as a shower or washing hair but we should avoid submerging him in water.  It’s something to do with how it forces you to blow out as you breathe, I’m not 100% certain but we were always told not to submerge them if they had a cold so it makes sense.

We still took him swimming and he absolutely loved it but he had to wear armbands the whole time to reduce the chance of accidentally going under and we let him jump in but we caught him.  So he was wet and splashed but didn’t go under and he has been very happy!


So mothers that are panicking like I was, don’t worry!  It is safe for them to fly and swimming is safe just be sensible.  I also took our thermometer on holiday so if at any point I got paranoid that he’d contracted an infection, I’d be able to check his temperature easily.