Grommets for a 3 year old – Post surgery infection.

Yesterday I wrote about Ollie’s experience getting grommets, it all went well on the day…

We left hospital on the Friday evening and he slept surprisingly well.  No pain or discomfort through the night and he seemed absolutely fine.  By the Sunday he had a high temperature, they said this can be quite common and to give him calpol if needed so he had some and then seemed to be fine and recovering well.

Until the following Friday where we’d had a lovely day having a picnic and playing in the park but when we got home Ollie went weird!

He suddenly went extremely hot and tired, showing signs of infection a week after having grommets inserted.

Back to hospital…

I rang the ward hoping they’d say it’s normal and he’ll be fine with calpol but the nurse actually said, “Yeh you’d better bring him in to be checked, he should be ok by now.”

So off we went back to the Children’s Hospital to the A&E department as it was quite late, around 6pm. Ollie hates doctors and hospitals so he was very stressed and just wanted to go home.

I don’t like to criticise the NHS and doctors because I do think on the whole we’re lucky and they do a good job but the doctor we had was utterly useless. Did not listen to a word I was saying and hovered around Ollie seemingly scared to get on with it which made Ollie more stressed.

He needed to look in his throat but Ollie was kicking and screaming and this stupid doctor was making it worse.

In the end the nurse came in and swabbed his throat which took all of 2 seconds.  2 minutes later she came back and said he has a strep A infection and needs antibiotics.

grommets infection
Poor Ollie


I know my Ollie and he will not take medicine, he spits it out and holds it in his mouth and generally gets very stressed by the whole experience.  I explained this to the stupid doctor when he returned lying about being called to. another department.  He pissed me off because he said it was my fault because my attitude was wrong and if I have the attitude that he won’t take it then he won’t take it. Yeh. That’s it.  I don’t want my kid to get better.  It has nothing to do with me knowing him better than anyone and asking for help on how we can rid this infection… (Twat!)

I told them to give him the first dose and two nurses couldn’t get it in him.  Eventually a really good nurse came in and advised that we take him out of the stressful situation, try it at home and if we don’t get any in him come back.

Home time again…

So off we went again with this medicine. I  tried everything to get some into him yoghurts, drinks, syringe, I even made special cakes with secret nasty icing.  Nothing. He was sick or spat it out every time.  I went to the GP and explained the whole ordeal and she checked his throat and said he still had an infection and to try tablets and crush them into whatever. Same thing again… sick and spit!

I called the GP and explained and a different doctor said that it sounds like he has an allergy if he’s sick every time.  Back to the GP again, this time non-penicillin drugs and instructed to get whatever I can into his system, some is better than none.

I was ill too…

By this stage Ollie has developed a fear of syringes and medicine so it was a struggle.  We did manage to get some into him but I stopped trying to hide it and just said it’s medicine.  I crushed it with water and syringed it in. By this time the stress of it all made me ill, my temperature went up to 40 one night and I went to the GP and got antibiotics too! This helped in a weird way because we had to have our medicine together so he started to trust me and still hated it but some was going in and staying in.

I took him back to the GP to explain that he wasn’t getting the full dose and what should I do and the doctor was really nice to me actually, she said I’m doing a great job.  Most people get scared and don’t give their medicine, he is clearly getting better so basically keep up the good work.

After a few days he’d had probably just under half the dose but the leaflet did say the medicine was for over 8’s so  I was satisfied that he’d probably had enough for his size.  His temperature had been stable and I decided to stop stressing him out and he has been fit and well since and we’ve had no reoccurring problems.


It was a stressful ordeal for me and Ollie but at least we’ve identified an allergy (unconfirmed but highly likely) and his development is coming on so much.  His hearing and understanding has massively improved and he’s doing really well.

Major Mrs Jumbo syndrome for me over this… (I should probably write to explain this syndrome!)